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In what form it is possible to meet in a drugstore nettles


It is difficult to name pleasant sensations from unexpectedContact with the usual nettle. Here only more useful plant in our latitudes is difficult to find. That is why nettles can be found not only in the field, but also on the shelves of pharmacies.

In what form it is possible to meet in a drugstore nettles
Most people know about nettles onlyThat it burns, but the plant is indeed amazing. Nettle finds its application literally everywhere: from cooking to cosmetology, but that's not all.

In the old days, of extremely durable nettle fiber, bags, sails, and even a base for armor were made.

As for the medicinal properties of common nettle, they are no less amazing. Avicenna also wrote about the ability of nettles to heal vessels, about its use as an effective antidote.

Speaking about the nettle, one should definitely say about its haemostatic effect, as well as the increase of immunity when it is used.

The liquid drug nettle extract is effective for various gynecological diseases. In addition, nettle extract is used in the treatment of various skin diseases.

Since ancient times nettles have been used both in folk andAnd in traditional medicine. Almost throughout Europe, young shoots of nettles were used for food, especially in spring, when after a long winter, the vitamin hunger was especially acute.

It is also important that it is the nettle that is used to produce a natural green dye.

Not forgotten the useful properties of nettle today. It is widely used for both therapeutic and preventive purposes. And do not necessarily risk your hands and become like a fairy-tale heroine who, for the sake of saving her brothers, tore and knit from the burning nettles of her shirt. It is enough to visit the pharmacy.

In any pharmacy there are always dried leaves of nettle, they are already packaged in the packaging, usually in cardboard boxes, but that's not all.

Depending on the destination, the buyerThere is also an extract of nettle in liquid form, various nettle tinctures, balms, creams and nettle-based masks, as well as all kinds of shampoos and hair care products.

Thanks to a wide range, the user does notYou need to think about collecting nettles, its processing and preparing the right drugs. Everything has already been done in advance. It is enough only, after consulting with an experienced doctor, to visit a pharmacy and purchase the right composition. Moreover, the industry produces products based on nettle in a wide variety of combinations and combinations with other useful plants.

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