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In which circle to give the boy

Development of the child is one of the directionsParents pay special attention and attach great importance. Modern trends are such that the child begins to learn almost from birth. The technique of reading from the cradle, learning writing, modeling, scoring, etc. - The kid can be engaged in various methods for hours, if parents want it.

In which circle to give the boy
When children grow up a bit, the question of choiceThe right direction for further development becomes even more acute for parents. After all, the division of circles and classes begins not only in terms of interests, but also in terms of gender. Parents of boys usually have more difficulty. After all, almost any type of activity suits the girl, including complex sports hobbies. With boys, the situation is often different; Parents are very afraid to make a mistake and give the child to classes that define as "girlish". And there it is not far away that the child will simply be teased for the improper method of development.

Psychologists say that these prejudicesOnly registered parents can pay attention. In fact, it is necessary to choose those options that the child likes more. Therefore, it is worth giving a lot of time to decide exactly where to give the child for further development.

Remember that if your son likes to draw more than kicking a ball on the field, this does not mean that he is not like all "normal" boys. It's just that he has a somewhat different internal organization.


Traditionally, boys are given differentsport sections. Hockey, football, karate - the list can be listed without stopping and for a very long time. Indeed, sport very well develops and tempers the character of the future man. It allows you to think more logically, teaches you not to get lost in difficult situations and at the same time gives you the opportunity to learn how to make decisions at a critical moment.

In addition, sport very well affects the health of the child and provides an opportunity to strengthen it, if the boy from childhood was painful and frail.

Often, sport is a traumatic type of developingSo you can not be 100% protected from bruises. But there's nothing to worry about, light injuries only harden the boy, turning him into a real man.


Naturally, it is worth looking closely at yourBaby very carefully. It is possible that sport is not his element. Maybe he loves to draw or write poetry. As an option, the son can perfectly play and have an ideal hearing. In this case, it should be given to various creative circles - drawing, singing, music, modeling, etc. To think at the same time that a man of inferiority, an "unreal" man, will not grow out of him. After all, history knows a lot of examples of famous singers, artists, composers, etc., which are called unmistakable or somehow not so, but no one will risk it.

What is worth considering

First of all, it is necessary to take into accountThe opinion of the child. After all, if he goes to classes from under the stick, nothing good will come of it. And developing such circles will be called very difficult. And to observe this rule it is necessary even in the event that you desperately want, that the son was engaged in another business. Psychologists say that parents and so often transfer their expectations to children, to force them to do it not where the children themselves would like.

Choose a place to study is not so difficult. Discuss with the child what he would like to do, then proceed with choosing a place. It is desirable that the mugs and sections are not very far from the house. So long as the child goes to class, he does not lose patience or desire.

The club must be neat, clean and friendly. If already at the entrance you meet mutter administrator and gloomy teachers, better from attending such an institution to refuse.

Approach the issue of choosing circles with all responsibility, and your child will be grateful to you.

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