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How to improve VAZ 21099


VAZ 21099 after a small tuning</a>

The Russian automobile industry does not inspire much confidence, however it enjoys great popularity among the population due to its price accessibility.

Also it is distinguished by a small price for service. Almost all domestic cars can be repaired in garage conditions, without having much experience in this.

However, all models need improvement.

For example, how can you improve the miracle of the Volga Automobile Plant - VAZ 21099?

You will need

  • Tools for car repair, consumables, light bulbs, wiring, material for covers.



Decide for yourself what you want to change in your"Nine" and how much money you are willing to spend on this improvement. In order to make the right decision to improve the car, you need to proceed from the purposes for which the car was purchased. If it is intended for trips to the dacha, the improvement should be to increase the clearance, upgrade the suspension and install the trunk on the roof. If you are young and want to make a car out of your nondescript car, which will pay attention, then this option is not for you.


Take care of the appearance of your "swallow". Examine the paintwork and draw a conclusion about its condition. If it has minor defects, then the polishing of the body can correct it. If there are minor scratches, they should be carefully painted over with the color of your car. Well, if there are too many problems on the body, then a full body repair with full painting should be done.


Think of an anti-corrosion coating. In winter, very strong reagents are used that can cause irreparable harm to your car. Bear in mind that the body VAZ 21099 is prone to corrosion, so corrosion protection must be regularly passed.


Changes can also affect the interiorCar. You can make covers for the seats yourself or buy ready. It is highly recommended not to replace the standard steering wheel, as experiments have shown that the standard nine wheel is less traumatic than its tuning counterparts. Make additional lighting, but in such a way that it does not blind the eyes. Use soft and neutral tones.


Also replace all filters and suppliesTo new ones. You can use imported analogs, because they are more durable. Fill with imported oil. When upgrading the car is highly not recommended to use skirts, which are now very much. It's money thrown to the wind. Such body kits, as a rule, worsen the dynamics and significantly reduce the clearance. You can easily damage such a body kit while driving a "lying policeman".

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