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How to improve the video quality

How to improve the video quality

Recording video is worth even before the shooting to take care about the quality of the video: to strengthen the camera on a tripod, correctly adjust the white balance and focus.

However, some of the flaws found in the footage, can be corrected by the editor filters installed on your computer.

You will need

  • - VirtualDub- program
  • - Filter Deshaker-
  • - videofayl-
  • - Browser.



For video processing, you can useeditor of VirtualDub, which filters allow you to lighten or darken the image, adjust the color gamut and stabilize post. To download the file in the editor, apply a combination of Ctrl + O.


Open the list of available filters keysCtrl + F or Filters menu option Video. To the right of the empty window that appears, click the button Add. If the downloaded video program requires changing the contrast, select brightness / contrast, and use the OK button. Set the desired value for the brightness and contrast settings and click the OK button in the Settings window. Unfortunately, this filter is not the preview mode, so you can evaluate the result, closing the window with the list of filters, another OK button and inserting the clip playback.


Lighten or darken the video, you can with the help offilter levels. To see the result of the changed settings, click on the button Show preview. If the application to levels you had time to process other video filter, levels will not act on the original image, and the result of applying the first filter.


To adjust the color scheme of the clip, selectFilter HSV adjust. Use the Hue slider to adjust the color of the video, the Saturation control will give you the opportunity to change their saturation, and Value make the picture brighter or darker. View the result of the settings will change the button Show preview at the bottom of the filter window.


Add sharpness in the video is not very clear, you can with the help sharpen filter, which, like the brightness / contrast, no preview option.


To reduce image shake suitable filterDeshaker, not part of the minimum set of filters that are distributed with the program VirtualDub. However, it is easy to find on the web sites devoted to this free video. Copy the file with the filter on your computer and unzip it in the Plugins folder, which is inside the VirtualDub folder. Open the list of available filters, click the Load button and select the newly added file extension vdf.


To save the processed video can use the option Save as AVI menu File.

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