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How to improve the quality of services

How to improve the quality of services

Rude salesman, poorly washedcar spoiled haircut: such trifles can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Complaints and customer dissatisfaction - the main factor of the loss of your company's reputation.

That is why improving the quality of services should be one of the key business challenges.



Make clear job descriptions forServiced staff. Prescribe the procedure for dealing with customers, a set of standard phrases. Even if most of the points you seem obvious and elementary, however, they need to explain to younger employees, especially if they have no experience.


Regularly additional trainingpersonnel. Alternate various trainings and courses: sales of appliances, communication with the customer, identifying the customer needs, the impact of psychological techniques. Such training programs should be intense and short-lived. It is useful to use the experience of foreign colleagues, arranging workshops.


Try to be aware of the innovations in the service sector,that you are doing. For example, if you run a company for repair of premises, follow innovation, interesting materials and trendy finishing technologies.


Teach your staff interested in the needs and desires of customers. The purpose of the initial contact - do not offer goods or services available and the most detailed study of the wishes of the visitor.


Achieve perfect & nbsp- order in yourinstitution. This is especially true of those areas where hygiene and cleanliness are key factors, for example, cosmetic services. Wet wipes, white towels, containers with an antibacterial agent for the hands - all these details will create a favorable impression in the most demanding customers.


Enter related services that can creategood mood. Free Shipping & nbsp- customers to shop, & nbsp- hot drinks on the house, magazines and souvenirs in the gift ... The list of such "bonuses" depends only on your imagination.


Enter postpokupochnogo service system. Be interested in customer opinion about the provision of services were asked to give advice and immediately repair any errors.

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