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How to improve the quality of knowledge

How to improve the quality of knowledge

The media more and more often you can hear on the lowering of the level of education - both higher and middle, the low quality of the acquired knowledge of college graduates, even prestigious.

Graduates themselves also often complain about the lack of knowledge to work, and this applies to those who have not skipped classes and showed good results at the session.



The quality of knowledge is determined by the depth anddemand for after graduation. If demand for, as a rule, nothing can be done - the market or the need, for example, lawyers, or are not needed, then the depth of knowledge may very well work every. In addition, the quality of knowledge depends on the two sides - the training and the trainee. If the first knowledge of poor quality, and the same will be the second. There will also be a low quality of knowledge of the student who does not make an effort to learn.


Improving the quality of knowledge - it's constant work. Our memory is used to displace the information, which we do not use for a long time. This is especially true of foreign languages. You can get fundamental linguistic education, but do not use a foreign language for several years and eventually be unable to properly explain a foreign language in the store. Forgotten vocabulary and grammar and then. To avoid this, and even on the contrary - to expand your vocabulary, you need to make maximum use of a foreign language. Moreover, now it is not so difficult: almost any large bookstore, you can buy books in foreign languages, you can also listen to music and chat on the forums. Some can not afford to "throw" a foreign language from a career - are engaged in household translations for translation agencies and private customers, ie, improve the quality of knowledge is actually for a fee.


Over time, forgotten any knowledge, especiallyobtained "by force." It is known that a person is easier to remember what caused his emotions. So boring lecture or information from excessively dry and hard to remember to write a textbook is extremely difficult. Out of this situation - to make the process of learning of a subject interesting. This can make as a teaching and learning itself, although here, of course, more and more dependent on the first. Lesson literature in school, you can vary the display of the film on to study the works, the history - going to the museum.


One of the biggest problems of young professionalsis the inability to apply their knowledge in high school in practice. Russian education is fundamental, it includes the study of a large number of theoretical material and little time to the practice. Some employers solve the problem of the inability of employees to deal with specific tasks training organization, which in a simple and accessible form will give the necessary minimum of knowledge, and then need to demonstrate how this knowledge can be applied. Not all trainings are effective, however, the very model of the improvement of quality of knowledge of specialists can be called successful.

Training teaches the knowledge into practice


A special role in improving the quality of knowledge plays,Of course, self-education. Nothing prevents a student or a young professional to buy and read books and magazines, specialty, attend seminars, to share knowledge on the Internet. However, self-education are not engaged in anything for it need quite a strong motivation. With motivation, you can begin - one who has solid goals and striving to achieve certain results, most likely, will not stop before the difficulties and be able to constantly improve their knowledge and develop skills necessary for a career.

You want a successful career?

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