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How to improve the pronunciation of the English language

How to improve the pronunciation of the English language

Learning English is becoming increasingly popular pastime in Russia. Some have succeeded in this, others are just starting to learn the basics.

The problem is that the learning language, especially inearly stages, students do not pay due attention to the correct pronunciation, and this is one of the most important indicators of the level of your language, which, of course, should be increased.



Search words before there is how to pronounce the worditself, it is necessary to know its sound in the original. To do this, you can go to http://translate.google.com/ www.macmillandictionary.com or sites where you can learn how translation of the word and its pronunciation. Repeat your chosen word aloud, together with an electronic speaker at the above sites.


Listening Your ear should get used tocorrect pronunciation, but it needs to constantly listen to something in English, for that abound on the internet resources. Main station: American pronunciation (http://cnnradio.cnn.com/), British pronunciation (www.bbc.co.uk/worldserviceradio). In addition, it is useful to watch videos, for example, reports New York Times (www.nytimes.com/video/), as well as inspirational speech www.ted.com site.


Tongue Twisters The most useful part to improveyour pronunciation and speaking rate in addition. Tongue Twisters advised to read every day to get used to the language. A very useful site with patters - http://englishon-line.narod.ru/skorogovor1.html, where you can not only read them, but also listen.


Communication Communicate with native speakers, friends,Join the group English language, talk on Skype with foreigners, if absolutely no one near there, then talk themselves. The main thing - to train the pronunciation practice.

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