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How to improve graphics performance

video card

Performance graphics card can be improved by different methods. All depends on the model map.

Sometimes it helps to improve the performance update drivers and software in general, and sometimes require additional cooling system.



First of all, it should be noted immediately that the overclockthe graphics card is not desirable. Overclocking can certainly improve the performance of temporarily, but in the end is likely to result in a strong overheating, because of what the card will not function properly (and perhaps did burn). Therefore, to improve the performance of the card, it is better to use a more secure method for her, despite the abundance of overclocking programs.


To achieve normal performance graphics cardYou can install updates by using its software. Have an updated version of the driver can be checked about once every six months on the official website of the manufacturer of the card, but if you are not sure which driver is needed, it is best to look at the characteristics of the system with the help of the utility Everest. It is also useful for video cards regularly update these programs: DirectX and Flash Player. And of course, if running Windows XP, it is desirable to upgrade to Service Pack 3.


Powerful graphics card, with the active use,quite peculiar to strong heating (sometimes reaching as far as overheating), which may cause system errors, sudden reboots or other improper interference in the operating system. Rectify the situation, you can install an additional cooling system. Set its better for the rear wall, additional cooling will then apply to all the components (in particular, if the computer cover is closed). Undoubtedly, this measure will raise the graphics performance

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