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How to improve the performance of a video card


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The performance of the video card can be improved by different methods. It all depends on the model of the map.

Sometimes to improve performance helps to update drivers and general software, and sometimes you need an additional cooling system.



First of all, it is necessary to take into account immediately what to disperseThe video card is not desirable. Overclocking, of course, can improve performance temporarily, but in the end everything is likely to end up with a strong overheating, because of which the video card will not function properly (and maybe burn at all). Therefore, in improving the performance of the card, it is better to use methods safer for it, despite the abundance of overclocking programs.


Achieve normal video card performanceCan be done by installing updates to its software. The presence of an updated version of the driver can be checked somewhere in half a year on the official website of the card manufacturer, but if you are not sure which driver is needed, it is better to look at the system characteristics using the utility Everest. Also for the video card it is useful to regularly update such programs: DirectX and Flash Player. And of course, if Windows XP is installed, it is advisable to update it to Service Pack 3.


Powerful video cards, with active use,There is a strong enough heat (sometimes reaching an overheating), which can cause system errors, sudden reboots and other incorrect interference in the operating system. You can fix the situation by installing an additional cooling system. Install it better on the back of the computer, then additional cooling will touch all components (especially if the computer cover is closed). Undoubtedly, this measure will raise the performance of the video card

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