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How to improve the image of

How to improve the image of

External image can tell a lot about a person on the status, nature, position, manners and more.

Therefore, more and more often in the modern Russian language sounds the word "image" (image of a man). From the image depends in part on people's attitude to you, advancement through the ranks.

Therefore, if you have problems in your personal life or at work - pay attention to your appearance.

Maybe it is better?



To improve its image better to turn toExpert: stylist, image-maker. They will be able to choose the perfect combination of clothes and accessories so that there is harmony in your appearance. This will create a positive impression about you.


An experienced specialist before changing yourthe image must ask you a few important questions: what you value in yourself more vsego about your strong and weak storone- what you want to tell about yourself drugim- any profession you are doing. This information is required to create your unique image.


Then, on the basis of information received about youimage maker (stylist) develops a complete image of your system. & Nbsp-It forms your outer image: hair color, hair style, clothes. Naturally, all this will be & nbsp-perfectly fit you to a circle of friends, acquaintances, partners and colleagues.


The image includes not only a changeappearance, but also internal. Therefore, image maker & nbsp-and is working this side of your personality. & Nbsp-here play a big part of your gestures, facial expressions, the ability to speak, your posture. For example, imagine a business woman in the role of a kindergarten teacher. Ridiculous? Of course, because the children have to behave differently than in the office. & Nbsp-So be prepared for the fact that you will need to change your lifestyle. As a result, improve your image, you will become more memorable, interesting and integrated person.


Also, to improve its image can be themselves. With the help of a computer and "Virtualnay stylist" program, you can choose a suitable hairstyle and hair color desired. A style of clothing - depending on your job scope. It's worth noting that it is better to have in the wardrobe of little things, but good quality.


And in the end you have to remember that the well-groomedskin tightened figure manicure and pedicure only improve your appearance. To do this, not necessarily to be thin, can be complete and make a good impression about yourself. The main thing to pack yourself and present. This Naroscheny nails and hair you are not an assistant (only if you are not running the model), as many experts believe it is a sign of lack of taste.

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