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How to improve the efficiency of the boiler

How to improve the efficiency of the boiler

Looking at the instructions in the boiler, you can see that the efficiency of his equals, for example, 95%. However, this does not mean that the boiler during operation will achieve such efficiencies often.

On the contrary, it will be extremely rare because the instructions stated in the maximum is reached only when the observed number of conditions.

How to improve the efficiency of the boiler?



Reduce the heat loss from the exhaust gases toimprove the efficiency of the boiler. To do this, make sure that on the heating surfaces, flame boilers do not fall ash and soot. Make sure that the surface of the pipe through which the coolant flows, is not covered with scum, which the coolant should not be changed frequently. If it is drained every month, fuel consumption will increase. Eliminate the appearance of excess air in the boiler, the boiler which makes all the heat through the chimney. To achieve this, you need to install a chimney draft limiter. It costs no more than 3,000 rubles, and it can save a lot of money.


Stopper rod is mounted on the chimneyboiler. The main purpose of this device - to provide a constant pressure at the outlet gases from the boiler. There are baffles, which are installed on the boiler flues. They cost several times more expensive draft limiter, but help to increase heat transfer between the hot flue pipes that are inside the boiler and heat carrier located behind the wall.


Maximum eliminate chemical fuel underburningand provide the necessary excess air ratio inside the boiler. This ratio is equal to 1.2-1.3 for solid fuel and 1.05-1.15 - Liquid. To do this: Set the stopper rod, which has already been mentioned above, in the chimney of the boiler. The boiler must be purchased exclusively at the service organization, which is mandatory and using expensive equipment will handle the necessary volume of air that passes through the boiler. Let it requires an additional fee, but in the future you will save a lot of money on fuel. It is desirable that your boiler was installed lambda probe, which helps maintain the desired boiler burner air and fuel balance.


Maximum exclude mechanical underburningfuel. To achieve this, buy fuel with low ash content. If you topites pellets, fuel ash content should be no more than 0.7%. If topites carbon select coal ash as small as possible, despite the fact that it is more expensive. Suppose that the value will be 2 times greater than that of the fuel with a high ash content. To save on fuel, you will spend more money on repairs and low efficiency of your boiler.

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