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With age, memory may be impaired, the person begins to forget familiar names, phone numbers, important dates, and even greater things.

If you begin to notice that your memory fails you, take steps to improve it.



Memory is getting worse due to the fact that the brainoverloaded information and he has to work hard. Facilitate his life, unload from unnecessary tasks. Keep a record of all their affairs in diary, make notes about upcoming meetings, shopping, visits. Hangs stickers with reminders and tasks in prominent places. Let's brain a little rest during the day: relax, close your eyes and do nothing. You can try a gentle massage of the forehead with his fingertips. Take an invigorating essential oils, grease them wool and massage your temples and earlobes.


The memory is closely related to attention, which alsoI need to train. Stay focused, if you want to remember something important. Always try to include care, for example, when you go to the store, peered into the faces of the people, notice events. A few hours later, try to remember the smallest details - clothes, hair, body of people. Memorize numbers of passing cars, their marks and color and then call them in your mind. Constant repetition - a pledge of good memories.


Use association, memorization is - theeffective. If you often forget to turn off the iron, "tie" it, for example, to the front door. You can even visualize them, to conjure up a picture of the door next to the iron. When you go out, just think about it. If you need to remember the number (phone number, apartment and so on), imagine how type it on the keyboard of your mobile.


The best method of dealing with forgetfulness - planning and order. Make plans in advance in the road lists for trips to the store. At home and at work keep all the things on your specific location.


More read, play chess, solveCrosswords. Games are well develop attention and improve memorization. If you have kids, help them with homework. According to scientists, the regular intelligent load maintain clarity of mind and a good memory to old age. Use multiple ways of remembering, even if you have only one developed. For example, a study of any material, remember it is not only visually, but also on the hearing - try speaking it.


It is necessary to regularly engage in physicalexercises and sports. One of the most convenient and effective way to maintain the health of both body and brain - is running, stimulates blood circulation and improves heart function. Many scientists use this method to relieve the brain and make it work better. Run three times a week for half an hour, watching the pulse - it should not exceed 140 beats per minute.


Supplement your diet with food,improve memory: liver, milk, apples, buckwheat, fish, walnuts. It is necessary to include in the menu foods containing unsaturated fatty acids (which make up a third of the brain). With their lack of neurons work badly, causing memory loss. Eat fish oil, vegetable oils, marine fish and seafood. Do not forget about carbohydrates and glucose derived from vegetables and cereals, of proteins that contain essential amino acids for the brain. Buy supplements for memory, they are well improve the blood supply to the brain and stimulates intellectual activity.

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