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How to Improve it

To improve it, work on voice, diction and literacy

Competent intelligible speech with a well-trained voice - a prerequisite for the success of human social profession: a journalist, a teacher, a manager at any level.

And many others will not prevent work on their diction and a diploma.



First and foremost, you must learn how toto pronounce words. For example, a common mistake is the utterance of the word? Museum? how? muzey ?. The common word consonant is pronounced softly, but in terms of scientific and specialized words, such as in the word? Grotesque? consonant remains solid.


The combination of sounds? H? and? n? usually so pronounced. However, in some areas you can often hear the old pronunciation (not a "birdhouse" and "skvoreshnik"). This vernacular and nothing more.


In the construction of the speech it is important to make it easy and clearpronounced. It should not be piles of unpronounceable words, verbal participle phrases, it should be rhythmic, alternating long words short. It is much easier to read a speech in which vowels and consonants are distributed evenly. Get rid of in his speech from the obscure words, meaningless phrases.


No wonder they say that it is better to think and say whatspeak without thinking. Rarely who manage to control their speech without thinking. To cultivate this feature, you need to expand your horizons and develop erudition. Various word games, brainstorming, quizzes contribute to this.


Deliver your speech from unwanted emotions. This does not mean you have to pronounce the words like a robot. Excessive emotion, unconsciously causes rejection of the listener. At the same time, try to make their speech more expressive. To do this, you need to learn to highlight key points, changing the tone and timbre of the voice. Practice on the poems. Do this exaggerated, deliberately singling out all meaningful pause, words that carry the basic meaning of the sentence. Remember how in school you were drawing the proposed scheme, pointing arrow, to increase or decrease voice.


Learn to control your breathing during conversation. You must have time to rest during the break. In this regard, the singing is very helpful. Consult an experienced singing teacher. Your parish it did not surprise, because many public people regularly taking voice lessons for the release of the clamps, the depth of the voice and the ability to control it.

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