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How to Improve Your Speech


To improve speech, work on voice, literacy and diction</a>

Competent intelligible speech with a well-placed voice is an indispensable condition for the success of a person in the public profession: journalist, teacher, leader of any level.

Yes, and many others will not interfere with work on their diction and literacy.



First of all, it is necessary to learn correctlyTo pronounce words. For example, a common mistake is the utterance of the word "museum"? How? Musze ?. In common words, the consonant is pronounced softly, but in scientific terms and narrowly specialized words, for example, in the word "grotesque"? The consonant remains firm.


The combination of sounds? H? And? N? Usually that's how it is pronounced. However, in some areas you can often hear old pronunciation (not a "birdhouse", but a "bird's eye"). This vernacular and nothing more.


When building speech, it is important that it is easy and clearTo be pronounced. It should not contain piles of hard-to-pronounce words, verbal participles, speech should be rhythmic, long words should alternate with short ones. Much easier is perceived speech, in which vowels and consonants are distributed evenly. Get rid of your words from vague words, meaningless expressions.


No wonder they say that it is better to think and say thanSay without thinking. Rarely do people manage to control their speech without thinking. To develop this property in yourself, you need to expand your horizons and develop erudition. Various verbal games, brainstorming, quizzes contribute to this.


Deliver your speech from unnecessary emotions. This does not mean that you need to pronounce words like a robot. Excessive emotionality, subconsciously causes rejection in the listener. In doing so, try to make your words more expressive. To do this, you need to learn to arrange the accents, changing the tone and timbre of the voice. Practice on poems. Do it hypertrophically, deliberately highlighting all the semantic pauses, words that carry the main meaning of the sentence. Remember how in school you drafted a proposal scheme, pointing with an arrow, raise your voice or lower it.


Learn to control your breathing when talking. You should be able to rest during a pause. In this regard, singing helps a lot. Refer to an experienced vocal teacher. Your arrival will not surprise him at all, because many public people regularly take vocal lessons to free themselves from clamps, to develop the depth of voice and the ability to control it.

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