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How to improve the engine


How to improve the engine</a>

It rarely happens that the owner of the car is completely satisfied with his characteristics and does not want to improve anything.

So many people have a question? How you can improve your car, and especially - add power to it. This can be done by improving the engine, the supply and output systems.

But it is necessary to choose only the safest for the car methods of improvement (tuning).



One of the safest ways for a carThe increase in power is the installation of an air filter of zero resistance. Its design makes it possible to minimize the air resistance at the inlet. At the same time, the filtering ability does not suffer at all, but the power of the engine increases.


The second safe way is to installIncreased throttle. The enlarged throttle body reduces the speed of air flow, thereby increasing engine performance.


The minimum negative effect on the engine is alsoCan provide the installation of a sports camshaft. Improved camshaft can increase engine power by 20-25% (depending on the driving style and type of camshaft selected)


To increase the engine power by severalPercent can also be set by direct flow. But a good result will be only if the entire exhaust system of the car is changed to sports. And this is very expensive.


A good, but more complex way of addingThe power of the car's engine is the replacement of the standard GPG (cylinder-piston group) with a lightweight sport. For a good result you have to change, for example: pistons, fingers, crankshaft, connecting rods, etc. This is a very complicated and lengthy procedure. Add 20% of the power can also refine the cylinder head.

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