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How to improve the engine

How to improve the engine

It rarely happens that the owner of the car is completely satisfied with his performance and does not want to improve anything.

So many questions arise? how you can improve your car, and especially - to add to her power. It can be done by improving engine, supply and exhaust system.

But we need only to choose the safest car enhancement techniques (tuning).



One of the safest ways for the carincrease power is to set the zero resistance air filter. Its design makes it possible to minimize the resistance of the air inlet. At the same filtering capacity does not suffer, and the engine power increases.


Another safe way is to installincreased throttle. Enlarged inlet throttle air flow rate decreases, thereby increasing the engine performance.


Minimal negative impact on engine alsocan provide to a sport camshaft. Superior camshaft can increase engine power by 20-25% (depending on the driving style and the type of the selected camshaft)


Achieve gain in engine power for a fewinterest may also be setting forward flow. But good results will change only if all of the sports exhaust car exhaust systems. And this is very expensive.


Good, but a more complex way of additionPower car engine is to replace the standard CPG (cylinder-piston group) on a lightweight sport. For a good result will have to change, for example, pistons, fingers, crankshaft, connecting rods, etc. This is a very complex and lengthy procedure. Add 20% of the power can also rework the cylinder head.

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