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How to increase the download speed

How to increase the download speed

Slow download speed of files from the Internet? One of the most pressing problems for the Russian market of telecommunications and communication, causes of which are hidden in the hardware connections and the settings that the user has made in a timely manner.



With the need to increase the speed of downloading files from the Internet faced by many subscribers popular in today's market providers. However, this problem can be a simple solution.
First we need to establish why the speeddownload is quite low. To do this, carefully read the service agreement and terms and conditions of the tariff plan. Quite often people try to increase the connection speed at rates that do not support this speed. In this situation, the problem can be solved only by changing the tariff plan.


Ask to help service providers,Does the technical capability of the existing connections to increase download speed. Remember that the download speed may be slow due to the short-term, preventive and technical work provider. Also, the speed depends on the position of the subscriber if a wireless connection is used.


If the part of the provider all the conditions for increasing download speed, you can safely proceed to the settings of your computer and, in particular, the browser.


Go to your browser settings and find the window, the settings of the download.


Change the setting? Speed ​​Priority? in the? high? - It allows the browser to use in the process of downloading the most speed of processing of the received data.


In the same window, change the setting? Limit load? on? Unlimited? or £ 1000 kb / s? - Downloading will not be interrupted by an artificial barrier of browser settings.


Finally, pay attention to what is nowthere are programs that can increase download speeds by optimizing browser performance data. Such programs are called Web-accelerators and are publicly available on the Internet.

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