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How to improve computer performance

On the computer's performance is affected by many factors

We all want our computer worked flawlessly, without system lockups, incomprehensible slowness of speed and, God forbid, of course, no blue screen.

On the computer's performance is affected by manyfactors, one thing is for sure: in order to improve the performance of your computer is necessary to systematically check that it is in the same condition as when shipped from the factory.

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - Internet connection
  • - Screwdriver Set



Clean your computer from viruses. Use standard scan, including the maximum scanning depth, and the use of computer resources. Ordinary anti-virus is not enough, be sure to also check for spyware and malware with special scanners.


Disable setting visual effects, if any, to switch to the classic Windows theme. By doing this you will save memory and reduce CPU usage.


Arm yourself with a screwdriver and disassemble the computer. Often cooler, responsible for your computer's speed, clogged with dust and may not function properly. In this case, the computer starts to warm up, respectively, its performance decreases. Remove any contaminating elements.


Clean startup and the list of the processes taking placein the background, from those that are not a priority at the moment. It is not necessary to keep antivirus switched on permanently? enough to include it to scan individual files.

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