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How to apply a template to a photo in Photoshop


How to apply a template to a photo in Photoshop</a>

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic editors in the world. It allows you to perform thousands of typical tasks associated with the creation of raster (dot) graphics.

One of such tasks is the overlay of the template in the photo in Photoshop.



Searching for a template is the first step in editing. Using templates is the fastest and easiest tool for solving most tasks. Most mockups occur in the formats psd and tiff. There are both paid templates (Shutterstock.com), and free (Olik.ru).


The template in psd format (the standard format of "Photoshop") is most convenient in the work. It represents a set of layers, on each of which there are significant elements of the image.


To visibility / hide a layer, open the paletteLayers ("Layers"). Near the icon of each layer on the left there is an "eye" indicating the state of the current element. To change the state, click on it.


You need to merge the existing photo with the template file. To do this, drag it from the window of work with your image into the "template" window. Another layer will appear automatically.


The overall appearance of the image depends on the transparencyLayers and their sequence. In the Layers palette, select the layer with the least significant elements and drag it to the bottom of the list, down. On the contrary, the top of the list is "fill" with the most important elements. Remove unnecessary layers by moving them to the recycle bin on the palette or by pressing the Delete button on the active layer.


Unnecessary parts of important items are removedTool Eraser ("Eraser"). To do this, click the icon on the toolbar, make the layer that is going to be edited active and visible, and erase the extra layer.


You can change the size of the template and photo objects using the Free Transform tool.


In more detail, apply the template in PhotoshopThe Zoom tools and Magnetic Lasso tools will help. The first one allows you to get a detailed view of the image, the second - to increase the accuracy of the selection.

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