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IMPORTANT a child sleep

The importance of the child's dream

A small child in the family - it's not only the joy and happiness, but also a huge responsibility. Responsibility for education, development and, of course, health.

Child's Dream refers to an integral part of his life, and therefore should pay particular attention to it.

You born baby, you are happy and satisfied, butNow it takes some time, and something changes in your life. The child is no longer sleep at night, and during the day it is difficult to get awake. What to do if he lost his regime? Remember, from the very birth, you should strive to work out for your baby the regime that will best match the mode of the whole family. Choose a convenient time for you to sleep at night baby, it may be time from 21:00 to 05:00 or from 23:00 to 07:00, there may be other options, it all depends on your lifestyle. Chose? Let's stick to that time, and try not to break it.
A role played by the choice of sleeping place. There are several options. The most common version of the location - a cot in the parents' room. Convenient and mother and baby. Most often it is used in the first year of baby's life and approximately 3-4 years.
An excellent option for children from one year and older - a cot in the children's room. The child gets used to the responsibility and independence of learning in their personal space.
There is another option: Child sleeping in parents' bed, which is practiced by many couples and is often considered the best option, forgetting the weight of the factors that can not be attributed to a healthy baby sleep.
For a child to sleep through the night quietly,monitor his naps! It is worth remembering that the average child in need for sleep varies with its growth, the older the child, the less it needs time to full sleep, and so: between the ages of 0 to 3 months, he needs 16-20 hours to 6 months, it is 14 , 5 hours, 12 months - 13.5 hours in 2 years - 13 hours, 4 years - 11.5 hours, 6 years - 9.5 hours, 12 - 8.5 hours. For example, the 6 month-old baby sleeps about 14.5 hours a day, so he quietly slept through the night, or more precisely 8 o'clock, the day he needs to sleep less than 6.5 hours. And do not be afraid to wake Sonya, if it exceeds your daily limit, or night for you is likely to be sleepless.
We can not say anything about the baby feedingat night because most of it at night there are all sorts of problems, and breast - one of them. Pediatricians found that a newborn can wake up from 1 to 2 times during the night to eat. At the age of 3-6 months and it is enough to feed one, and after 6 months the child is able to sleep through the night without waking up for feeding! And he can wake up for other reasons not related to feeding, or wants attention, rocking, sucking, just to get to my mother to handle. Of course you can, and encourage your baby's every whim, but then you'll be completely offline mode of existence. So try a little supplementary feeding baby in the penultimate feeding to just before bedtime he ate a hearty and dense. But do not overfeed, from this can become sick tummy and again your sleep and sleep your baby will be spoiled.
Active lifestyle, baby, could not be betterIt affects night sleep. During the day it can be outdoor games, walking outdoors, the study of the external world, and in the evening the best thing for the kid reading stories, watching a good cartoon and my mother's lullaby. All of these actions - good preparation for a quiet night's sleep.
The following three components restful night of sleep a baby - it's bathing, clean and fresh air in a nursery and a comfortable bed, and well seasoned.
Evening swimming strengthens the physical fatigue of the day, and also promotes good appetite.
must be present in the fresh airchild, do not forget to ventilate the room every day and do wet cleaning, the air temperature should be 18-20 degrees, humidity in the vicinity of 50-70%.
Now for the crib. The mattress should be firm and smooth, and it is not recommended to use a pillow under 2 years linen try to choose natural fabrics, wash his only child powders, in order to avoid skin allergies.
Finally, choose a high quality one-offdiaper your baby. This diaper is able to improve the quality night's sleep a child, because a dry ass, without irritation and redness of the skin promotes healthy sleep calm.

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