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IMPORTANT about a child's dream


Important about a child's dream</a>

A small child in a family is not only joy and happiness, but still a huge responsibility. Responsibility for education, development and, of course, health.

A child's sleep is an integral part of his life, and therefore it is worth paying special attention to it.

You have a baby, you are happy and happy, butHere goes a while, and something is changing in your life. The child stops sleeping at night, and in the daytime it is difficult to make him stay awake. What can I do if his regime gets bogged down? Remember, from the very birth you should strive to work out for your baby the regime that will be as much as possible with the regime of the whole family. Choose a convenient time for you to sleep at night, it can be from 21:00 to 05:00, or from 23:00 to 07:00, there may be other options, it all depends on your lifestyle. Have you chosen? Let's stick to this time and try not to violate it.
A certain role is played by choosing the place of sleep. Here several options are possible. The most common option is a baby cot in the parents' room. Convenient for mom and baby. More often it is used in the first year of life of the baby and about 3-4 years.
An excellent option for kids from one year and older is a baby cot in the children's room. The child gets used to responsibility and learns independence in his personal space.
There is one more option: Sleep of the child in the parents' bed, which many couples practice and often consider it the best option, forgetting about the mass of factors that can not be attributed to a healthy sleep of the baby.
To the child slept all night calmly,Control his daytime sleep! It is worth remembering that the average daily need for a child in a dream changes with his growth, the older the child, the less time it takes for him to fully sleep, and so: at the age of 0 to 3 months he needs 16-20 hours, from 6 months it is 14 , 5 hours, 12 months - 13.5 hours, 2 years - 13 hours, 4 years - 11.5 hours, 6 years - 9.5 hours, 12 years - 8.5 hours. For example, a 6-month-old baby sleeps about 14.5 hours a day, so that he or she slept peacefully all night or more precisely 8 hours, during the daytime, he needs to sleep no more than 6.5 hours. And do not be afraid to wake the dormouse if it exceeds your daily limit, otherwise the night for you is likely to be sleepless.
You can not say nothing about feeding a childAt night, because most often at night there are various kinds of problems, and feeding is one of them. Pediatricians found that a newborn can wake up 1 to 2 times a night to eat. At the age of 3-6 months it is enough for him and one feeding, and after 6 months the child is able to sleep all night without waking up for feeding! And he can wake up for a number of other reasons that are not related to feeding, or he wants attention, swinging, sucking, just get to his mom's hands. Of course, you can and encourage all the whims of your baby, but then you completely go into an offline mode of existence. Therefore, try not to feed the baby a little to the penultimate feeding, so that just before bedtime, he is full and hearty ate. But do not overfeed, this can make your belly sick and again your sleep and the baby's sleep will be spoiled.
Active way of life of a baby, it is perfectWill affect the night dream. In the daytime it can be outdoor games, outdoor activities, exploring the outside world, and in the evening the best activity for a toddler is reading fairy tales, watching good cartoons and mother's lullaby. All these actions are a good preparation for a calm night's sleep.
The next three components of a quiet night's sleep of a toddler are bathing, clean and fresh air in the nursery and a comfortable and properly tucked bed.
Evening bathing increases physical fatigue, accumulated over the day, and also contributes to a good appetite.
Fresh air must be present inDo not forget to ventilate the room every day and do a wet cleaning, the temperature should be 18-20 degrees, humidity around 50-70%.
Now about the crib. The mattress should be dense and even, it is also not recommended to use pillows before 2 years old, try to choose bed linens from natural fabrics, wash it only with baby powders to avoid skin allergies.
And finally, choose a quality one-timeA diaper to your baby. It is the diaper that can improve a nightly sleep of a child, because a dry ass, without irritation and redness on the skin promotes a calm healthy sleep.

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