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Important rules for sowing crops


Harvest is the ultimate goal for any trucker. But often in pursuit of a high yield, we excessively saturate the soil with mineral fertilizers, and the constant planting of vegetable crops also completely depletes its fertility. In this case, a good solution is to plant syderates or green fertilizers. But is everything so simple?

Important rules for sowing crops

Despite the ease of planting syderatnyh crops, it is worth keeping in mind such moments:

  • Each siderate has its own positive andNegative properties. So, the planting of mustard, rape, oil olive radish after cruciferous (cabbage, radish, radish, etc.) carries the danger of transmitting their diseases to the soil. After all, all these cultures are from the same family of crucifers. In addition, the prolonged cultivation of these siderates oversaturates the soil with phosphorus and sulfur, and their overabundance makes it difficult for plants to assimilate other food elements.
  • Choosing siderates, you need to know exactly whichThe end result will be from sowing. Thus, growing lupine, clover, vetch, soy cucumber and legumes (soy, lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans) will be useful for replenishing nitrogen in the soil. And such crops as buckwheat or rye, give a lot of potassium to the earth. Benefit will bring mustard and other cruciferous. After growing cabbage, onions, cucumbers, it will be useful to plant lupine, wiki, and feces.
  • Sowing siderates for mulch or compost, the most effective and quickly giving the result will be the cultivation of olive radish. Rye, phacelia loosen the heavy soil well and suppress the growth of weeds.
  • Do not get involved in sowing one ciderata. It is better to alternate them, not to let the earth be empty and overgrown with weeds, to use every free piece of land throughout the season, beginning in April. In one season it is possible to grow several generations of various siderates on an empty site, as a result, the soil will quickly restore fertility, become loose, which will increase the yield several times.
  • Conducting sowers in a dry weather, you need to take care of watering.
  • It is impossible to allow the moment of overgrowing of the siderates andSeeding. Otherwise they from green fertilizers can turn into importunate weeds. The best stage is when you need to embed them in the soil - before flowering. At this point, the siderates are rich in all useful substances and rapidly decompose in the earth.
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