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IMPETIGO: causes, symptoms, treatment

Impetigo: causes, symptoms, treatment

Impetigo - a condition where the surface of the skin formed small vesicles or pustules.

In most cases of impetigo it begins with the appearance of red spots.

Touching causes pain. At the last stage of skin covered with scabs in the form of honey cakes.

The disease is contagious and the patient is subject to immediate hospitalization.

Causes impetigo

In 80% of cases of skin disease causesStaphylococcus aureus. There is also the emergence of impetigo may be involved in strep and mixed infections. If the children's team starts to hurt a child, there is an epidemic of impetigo.

Major risk factors that trigger impetigo:

  • Weakened immunitet-
  • Chronic neurodermatitis or ekzemy-
  • Gipovitaminoz-
  • Violations SUBSTANCE exchange
  • Contact dermatit-
  • Scabies-
  • Pediculosis-
  • Microtrauma or mikroporezy skin.

In tropical and subtropical climates, in seasonrain, the risk of impetigo increased tenfold. After insect bites infection can get through mikroranki that the major risk factors lead to impetigo.

Complications of impetigo

Timely treatment of impetigo - a guaranteethe fact that the disease will pass without serious consequences. If the patient for a long time did not seek skilled care, it may be nephritis, myocarditis, abscess or cellulitis.

Treatment of impetigo

For the treatment of impetigo affected area is wipedcamphor and salicylic alcohol. Blisters treated with green paint and twice a day smeared ointment on the basis of erythromycin. In severe impetigo antibiotics administered intramuscularly. Complete recovery occurs within two weeks.

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