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Impatiens: for favorite plant care

Impatiens: for favorite plant care

Room Impatiens is one of those plants that have long been firmly settled on a window sill flower growers.

Such popularity is explained by easy care and impressive appearance.

Impatiens growing fast, abundant and long blooming and easily propagated.

Impatiens can be grown not only at home but also in the open field. There are both perennial and annual varieties. Recent ideal for growing in the garden or on the balcony.

With good care balsams can bloom all year round. Most often it is the inflorescence has red or bright pink color, for that plant popularly nicknamed "light."

Room Impatiens nekaprizen and undemanding in care. It can grow even in shaded areas.

The plant loves moisture, so in any caseWe can not allow the soil drying out. Its leaves soon wither, but quickly come to life after a heavy watering. Winter need to reduce moisture delivery, especially if the room cool. At this time, comfortable for the content Balzaminov is the temperature about 15 degrees. However, there are great plants and in a normal city apartment.

For profuse flowering and best growth Impatiensadvisable to fertilize every two weeks. Repot it should be every year in special soil for flowering plants. If Impatiens grown much, spend pruning. Cut the cuttings can be used for breeding.

Impatiens are very rarely suffer from diseases and pests. Sometimes on the plant may appear aphids or spider mites.

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