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Time to sunbathe: how to sunbathe on the beach

Remember, as in a song sung: "Summer - a small life"?

And that was something to remember in the winter, let us live through this hot summer on the beach! But beach life does not turn into uncontrolled stay under the scorching sun.

To avoid health problems, it should heed the simple recommendations on how to sunbathe on the beach.

Exposure to the sun becomes detrimental tothe skin after 15 minutes of a person under the scorching rays. Properly sunbathing - it does not mean that it is necessary to lie in the sun for hours waiting for a chocolate color. The fact that the melanin pigment or coloring the skin, the body develops only during the first 50 minutes of sun exposure. But spoil the tan and even provoke the emergence of serious diseases, the excess dose of solar radiation can be quite simple. For young children, long exposure to the sun - is too risky: they sunburn in childhood increases 20 times the risk of getting skin cancer in adulthood. Before you send sunbathing on the beach, you have to prepare your skin. Clean the skin, tired of winter, dead skin cells using a scrub, before going to the beach Spread the protective jelly, use a cream on the beach, not to burn. Sunburn from the sun will occur more slowly, but just take a nice chocolate color and lie flatter. By the way, with the help of sunbathing in the sun can cure a number of dermatological diseases. On the beach discard makeup. None of foundation will protect your face from the sun and burn, and some cosmetics can even pull over to sunlight. The heat from the water and on the beach make sure to flow away. After sunbathing on the beach should not use scrubs. Soaking up the sun, let the skin to recover from the effects of the hot rays - do not remove the top layer of her scrubs. If you burned in the sun, you can use folk remedy - sour cream or yogurt. But there are special regenerating cream with moisturizing after-sun, a cooling and soothing effect. They can be used not only in the case of erosion in the sun, but after proper sunbathing - they effectively prevent peeling and will make persistent tan.

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