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UKROP bush and common


Dill shrub and common</a>

Dill grows in every gardener. He is loved for his unique spicy aroma, for early ripeness, cold resistance.

Dill - the owner of vitamin, nutritional and medicinal properties.

This green is always in high esteem. Dacha, as usual, do not pay attention to varietal features of dill.

Sow the seeds that are available.

Meanwhile, fennel and shrub fennel have differences.

All varieties of dill are divided into three groups of precocity.

Early grades. From shoots to the formation of the stalk passes about35-40 days. Usually, after 5-6 leaves the plants go to the arrow, the stem appears and after a while it blooms. The most common varieties from this group are Gribovsky, Aurora, Dalny, Umbrella. All early varieties give the first early greens and a good umbrella with seeds. They are convenient to use for pickling, when preserving. Umbrellas with seeds, crumbling, give good self-seeding.

Medium-ripening varieties. In this group, stalk formation is requiredmore time. One or two weeks later the stem begins to appear, the plant goes into umbrellas. Varieties of this group (Kibray, Lesnogorodsky, Patterns, etc.) make it possible to collect good fragrant greens and umbrellas for seasoning and canning.

Late-ripening varieties. They are usually called bush. The most famous of this group are Salyut, Buyan, Alligator. The bush fennel, unlike ordinary (early and mid-ripening) varieties has a more powerful bush. Both in height and in width, these plants are larger. In the axils of the leaves, kidneys are laid (as in the tomato of the stepson), from which later shoots grow - new leaves. They also give a bushy form. A large rosette of leaves reaches 50cm. Leaves, shoots, stems of bush dill for a long time remain tender, juicy, green.

Seed bush dill more spaciously,The distance between plants should be at least 15 cm, and preferably 20 cm or more, otherwise the "bush" is not formed. From shoots to harvesting green takes 45-75 days. Seeds without seedlings can not practically be obtained. Sweet greens can be cut off, leaving a point to grow in the plant, pinch green twigs, pull out whole, freeing up the space for other dill-eating neighbors.

Advantages of bush fennel.

During the summer, you can get a lot of fragrant vitamin greens, up to 3kg with 1kv.m. In open field. In greenhouses the yield is even higher.

Plants of dill for a long time do not overgrow, remaining tender, juicy, fragrant.

Saving on seeds. To sow the bush fennel is less necessary than the early and mid-ripening varieties.


Dill loves sunny, open places, loose, fertile soil. In dry weather you need watering, otherwise it turns yellow. Dill does not grow on acidic soils.

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