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Ill and ordinary bush

Dill and ordinary bush

Dill grows every gardener. His love for the unique spicy flavor, for ripening, cold resistance.

Dill - winner of vitamin, nutritional and medicinal properties.

This green has always held in high esteem. Summer residents, as usual, do not pay attention to the varietal characteristics of dill.

Sow the seeds of those that are available.

Meanwhile, dill and ordinary bush have differences.

All varieties of dill are divided into three groups of earliness.

Early varieties. From germination to the formation of the stem passes around35-40 days. Usually, after the 5-6 leaf plants go to the arrow, there is a stalk and after a while it begins to flower. The most common varieties of this group - Gribovsky, Aurora, Far, Umbrella. All early varieties give the first early greens and a good umbrella with seeds. They are easy to use for salting, canning. Umbrellas with seeds, showering, give a good self-seeding.

Mid-grade. This group is required to stebleobrazovaniemore time. For one - two weeks after starting to appear the stem, the plant goes into umbrellas. Varieties of this group (Kibray, Lesnogorodsky, Patterns and others.) Make it possible to collect a good fragrant herbs and umbrellas for seasoning and preservation.

Late-maturing varieties. That they are called shrub. The best known of this group - Salute, Brawler, Alligator. Sectional dill, unlike the ordinary (the early and mid-season) varieties have a more powerful bush. And the height and width of the plants more. In the axils of the leaves are laid buds (like tomato stepchildren), which later grow sprouts - new leaves. They give a bushy shape. A large rosette of leaves up to 50cm. Leaves, shoots, stems from a long cluster of fennel are tender, juicy, green.

Sow dill bush roomier,distance between the plants should be at least 15cm, preferably 20cm or more, or "cluster" is formed. From germination to harvest greens passes 45-75 days. Seeds without seedlings get practically impossible. Fragrant herbs can be cut, leaving the point of the growth of the plant, pinch off sprigs of green, to pull out entirely, freeing up room for other neighbors dill.

Advantages of cluster dill.

During the summer you can get a lot of vitamin fragrant greenery, up to 3kg 1kv.m. in the open field. In greenhouses the yield is even higher.

Dill Plants do not grow long, while remaining soft, juicy, fragrant.

Savings on the seeds. Sow dill bush should be less than the early and mid-season varieties.


Dill likes sunny open spaces, loose, fertile soil. In dry weather, watering required, otherwise it will turn yellow. In acidic soils do not grow dill.

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