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IL-2 Sturmovik: tactics bombing dumbaster


IL-2 Sturmovik: tactics bombing dumbaster</a>

In this article I will talk about one interesting method of bombing in the combat flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik, which I accidentally discovered by playing with American battleships at Okinawa.

You will need

  • Installed on the computer game "IL-2 Sturmovik"On the engine of forgotten battles (all parts except Pearl Harbor and the Forgotten Battles themselves can not work autonomously, so they should be installed on top of the "Forgotten Battles", or even better - to install the "Platinum Collection" immediately).



In the fast editor, select the modes: Map - Okinawa, defense - no, in the settings of the aircraft, the bomb timer is 5 seconds (this time is enough to ensure that even a slow Pe-8, flying above the ground and dropping a five-ton bomb, managed to retire a sufficient distance to Not be covered by a blast wave).


We change "Allies" to "Axis Countries" (toggle switchRight-top), the target is "Aerodromes". We choose the plane Bf-109E modification front-line bomber (after the model number 4 or 7 is added / b). We suspend any bombs weighing 250 kg (for example, SC250), but in no case in any aircraft for the application of this method, do not use bombs with the designation AB. This is a capsule bomb that breaks through a time-limited time (more than once!) And throws out capsules with napalm, chemicals or just explosives. We need a high-explosive bomb. By the way, you should put an unlimited supply


Newsreel as a training video
In the video materials of this article I posted withHard-to-find video - an amateur clip about the famous British special bomber squadron, which received the nickname Dumbusters ("Destroyers of dams"). People who do not know the specialization of this squadron, I believe, it is unclear what these pilots get up on the heavy four-engine "Lancaster" and high-speed "Mosquito".

Dumbester and the dam damaged.


The first fly at full speed above the surface of the waterAnd discard some kegs that bounce almost above the airplane, the latter do the same with objects similar to tractor tires. Moreover, one "Lancaster" was itself damaged by its "dummy", the second one completely tore up the "direct hit" of the barrel into the belly and stamped it on the beach right in front of the operator. "Mosquitoes" are successfully loaded with their "wheels" on some ship. This is the tactic of attack "dumbasters".


Dropped items are a jumping bombWallace on the "Lancaster" and its further development - the so-called tolbut on the "Mosquito", which before the release of untwisted to great speed. We in the game, unfortunately, do not have any special bombs or mechanisms for spinning on pylons, but it turns out that this can be repeated here with conventional bombs.


We train on cats
Departure! At the rate of 190, or for two hours, or in front-right, we see a battleship. Approaching it with a set of heights, then we bring the engine to full speed, dive and level off at a height of not more than 30 meters. We continue to decline, keeping the course on the ship. We keep the height no more than 10 meters.


Then everything depends on your sixth (or whatIt's there on the score) feelings. You should fly directly to the ship, at the last moment drop bombs and escape from a collision with him. At this point, the speed of the aircraft will be more than five hundred kilometers per hour. Do not overdo the maneuver, otherwise you will not be confronted with a piece of Krupp armor or a mast, but with a liquid substance somewhat larger in density than distilled water. This especially applies to F4U and Corsair aircraft, which are also ideal for this type of attack, but are prone to stall.


Make sure that the bombs hit the target and sankUnder the ship. There will be an explosion that will damage it. Now you can change the aircraft and hang a more solid bomb, for example, Ju-87 and PC1800 or even more fun - He-111 H-6 and SC2000.


The lucky owners of the game version 4.10 and above there is an opportunity to repeat the feat of the legendary "damboomers" on a four-engine bomber Pe-8 or TB-7 (actually the same, but arms for some reason different) with a five-ton Soviet "superbomb" or a pair of new Mosquito models.


There is another way to test your skills andNerves - the map "Coral Sea", the goal - "Aerodromes", but we are already playing for the Allies. In airplanes, we are limited, but now our target is a whole floating airfield - an aircraft carrier of the enemy! Escape from a collision with him after the bombing is much more difficult than with a battleship - a tall and long deck is interfering. It will take more than one thousand-pound American bomb to flood it.


To test this tactic, it's enough to fight in the defense in the quick editor menu to choose "Anti-aircraft guns". Then the target battleships and the aircraft carrier will take revenge on you from all the guns!

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