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IL-2 Sturmovik: learn how to fly in a simulator


Many fans of arcade simulators, after learning about such a serious thing as the "IL-2 Sturmovik", want to try to play it.

However, when they have the opportunityPlay in the "IL-2", then the majority throws the game after the first relegation. Why does this happen and how to "change seats" from the arcade to a realistic simulator of a combat aircraft?

You will need

  • Computer, the established game "IL-2 Sturmovik" onEngine "Forgotten battles" ("Forgotten battles" are mandatory, the rest of the series - if desired, will come down and "Platinum Collection"), a laser mouse, a lot of patience and nerves! -)



As a rule, this game is dropped because,Firstly, they do not notice that there are settings for complexity that stand by default "As in life." The view is only from the cockpit, the plane that is constantly falling off the course, on which you still have to manage to fly, without seeing anything because of the hood, drive the players to despair. Even more impressive is the one who immediately got into the fight and was immediately shot down. Secondly, players are hard at the physics of the flight of an airplane. As a rule, everyone is in a spin after the first turn. But it's okay! Customize the game for yourself, and fight!


Go to the "Office" or "Settings""Input device", and assign the following keys in the weapons section: 1-spase weapon, 2-ctrl weapon, 1 + 2-alt weapon, 3-enter weapon, 4-backspase weapon. These settings will return you the usual position of the buttons for using guns, machine guns, and missiles. In the view section in the line "Snuggle to the sight" assign Shift F1.We go to a simple editor, find the toggle switch "Complexity" and click the mouse directly on it. In the window that opens, without too much hesitation, we press the toggle switch "Easy". Click "Back". In the window of a simple editor, click on the brown button to the right of the first line on the top - this is your airplane (for now we will assume that this is your line, but in fact here you can add up to three bots of the same type and fly with them in the link ). We find machine guns, we set their range to 500, for guns - 1000, for rockets - 1000, the timer for missiles - 10, the timer for bombs - 5. Now we choose the aircraft. In the line with the name of the aircraft click on the arrow and find the I-153P, click on it. We leave the window of the aircraft selection and in the item "Defense" we change the value of "Anti-aircraft guns" to "No". Choose the "Purpose" "Aerodromes". The map is optional, but not "Crimea" !!! The remaining settings remain unchanged.


We fly!
Press the "Depart" button. And now, we are in the sky! Glohnet engine - it does not matter! Press the i button twice. Output the engine at maximum speed, clamping the + = button, and enjoy the views of the surroundings of Smolensk, winter Moscow ... Try the external views - the buttons F2, F3, F8 and others. Accustom your fingers to keep the nose of the plane on the horizon - often and shortly press the button "Arrow Up" so that the engine of your obstinate "Ishak" does not decay (he often does not suffer when he is forced to sharply lower his nose). Try to maneuver - boldly lay bends, as did it in arcades, try "Immelmans", "Dead Loops". Scuffled? Now we leave to the main menu, we find training and watch videos for IL-2 and Bf-109, as well as videos, in the names of which the phrase "Air Combat" is contained.


Air battle.
And now the most fun! After viewing the videos, you should have an idea of ​​pre-emption, about the appointment of small arms of the aircraft (the rest is not interested in us yet). Again go to the "Simple Editor", choose in your line any favorite fighter-monoplane (I do not advise jet fighters, MiG-3, Italian and Romanian planes, I recommend I-16 Type 38, LaGG-3, Bf-109E, Yak-1 , Yak-3, Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, Supermarine Spitfair Mk.V). Now in one of the last four lines, we choose Junkers Ju-52 - a slow, easily knocked-down transport with weak small arms (usually two machine guns on the sides of the fuselage and a twin turret on the "back"). You can also choose TB-3, Douglas (Li-2, L2D), Focker Wolf 198, Focker Wolf 200 Condor. But remember - the FW-198 under certain conditions can begin to maneuver no worse than a heavy fighter, like Li-2. Now click on the box with the number 0 on the left in this line and replace it with 1. Leave the settings in the same state (after exiting the game all settings at the bottom of the simple editor are reset, so be careful). We press on "Departure", again we deduce the engine on the maximum turns though for Bf-109 it is not obligatory. If the sight is biased, press Shift and F1 simultaneously. Attention - I-16 can also successfully decay without a reason at the most inopportune moment! We press the button m (map) and go along the black line, holding the height until we meet with the enemy's airplane just above the airfield (the transport or scout chosen by you will come to meet you). Now try to attack it, using the knowledge gained from training. When you are targeting one aircraft, you can put several such planes - change the value in the enemy's line to a number from 1 to 4. If you and four vehicles are knee-deep, you can choose 16 enemy aircraft at once - select the planes in the lower four rows, Which you fought, and opposite to each, put the number 4 (four to four - sixteen). Then you can go to more serious goals and fly on more serious planes. For example, try to knock down the Pe-2 Bf-110 - something more fun! Learn how to shoot down bombers coming into the line - in Campaign and in Individual missions it will come in handy. Try to fight with fighters - choose an equal opponent, for example I-153M = P.5, Yak-3 = Bf-109E, and so on. How to use stormtroopers and bombers is not so interesting, but if you have a desire, then watch the training, assign the necessary buttons in the settings and try! "Il-2 Sturmovik" - not a wolf, and does not bite at all!

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