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Tune in to the good wave

In the sphere of human relations is no single action algorithm. So, what to do in any given situation depends entirely on the particular individual.

In their actions, some people tend to be guided by a concern them around, and behave accordingly expectations.

The essence of deeds

In deciding how to interact with one oranother man, some people reciprocate. If they are hurt, they will pay the same and try to stab the individual response. And when did something good, express their favor. But then it turns out that all the actions of these people run around. This kind of manipulation.

Is that the man to be good or evil, to do him good or bear the grief, you must decide for him other individuals?

A truly wise person understands it andHe meets evil good, because he does not want to go against his nature. In addition, he is mindful of the principle of boomerang and is not going to spoil the karma because of dishonest, rude, unhappy, unbalanced individuals. Around the man, tuned to the good aura reigns. And the individual who made the meanness, even in the form of revenge, takes upon his soul a heavy burden.

Change the world

Think of what would become a life on earth ifpeople have been set up as positive. You can make the world a better droplet, thus also improving, if concentrate on the good and decide to ignore the annoying little things and petty grievances.
Surely you have heard of the wave of good, when onea person commits a good deed just like that, not in gratitude, and not for a fee. The individual, whose actions touched the man, first surprised, and then he tends to commit such an act. And it can send it to a third person, which means that a good step is not done in exchange for benefits.
Acting on the good intentions, you will not onlystart a wave, but also stimulate the coming into your life all the best, because like attracts like. It is worth noting that feel while you're just fine, because your heart believe: you are doing the right thing. It turns out that this is the way to achieve harmony in the soul, which is one of the conditions of happiness.

Relationship with humans

If we apply this theory in life isspecify some nuances. The mood for good works does not mean that you have to let others use you and for your account to reach their own goals.

Let your actions do not go to the detriment of you.

The idea is that you should not be stored in athe heart of evil. Freed from resentment, rage, aggression, frustration, you feel a lot easier. These negative emotions are destroying your identity and ruin the mood. They seem to eat you from the inside. Therefore, they should not be allowed into his heart.

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