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IF you have an aggressive child

If you have an aggressive child

Often the child responds to aggression with excessive demands of their parents.

This occurs in families with parents of tyrants and-giperopekunami parents.

Also, the child may respond to aggression has failed to fulfill any of his desires or feelings associated with the offense or infringement of pride.

How to behave with the aggressive child and how to relieve it of excessive aggression?

You must know and remember that the increase in votesor the prohibition are not effective ways to overcome aggression. Only the definition of causes and their removal can guarantee that the aggression will be overcome.

Give your child the opportunity to throw out all myaggression, sending her on a pillow, a newspaper or a toy. It is also desirable to show an example of the behavior of the child and, of course, to prove his love and best feelings to him. Do not hesitate to caress it or regret.

Designed to overcome the aggression can helpjoint games with adults or peers. For example, you can play an interesting game of "buck" when the child lies on his back and starts kicking, touching the floor with the left, then the right foot. Gradually the need to increase the speed and force. In all of this the child should say the word "no" every time a foot touches the floor.

You can also play a "caricature". Discuss with your child the familiar to both of you man, ask the child what he likes or does not like this man, and then offer to paint his portrait.

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