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IF you have a shy child

If you have a shy child

What to do if you have a shy child grows in a family? How is it to determine how to deal with a shy kid, what are the reasons for this behavior?

Let's try to answer these questions.

It is often the result of shynessreaction that occurred at some point in the interaction with people and grew to fear, so work to overcome shyness is to be careful and delicate.

Expand the circle of friends and acquaintances of the child asbowl can invite your friends over, go with your child to visit, walk along the crowded place. Do not worry about the baby and protect him from the dangers often invented by you, give him some freedom.

Constantly strengthen the child's confidence in hisconfidence and self-confidence and to involve it in the implementation of a wide variety of assignments, one way or another connected with communication. Create situations in which the child must be, one way or another, come into contact with strangers to him an adult. For example, you can ask him to go to the store, leave with a friend for a couple of minutes.

Remember that you need to deal with shyness, until the child is small, as with age his shyness could gain a foothold.

There are several effective methods to helpbeat shyness. During the exercises follow exercises, similar to the imitation animals (stretch, like a cat, pull the neck like a giraffe, etc.), since such exercises liberating. You can also play "Sorcerer," which took in a child's voice. The child should be responsible only facial expressions and gestures, thus mastering non-verbal means of communication.

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