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IF you have a closed child

If you have closed the baby

In contrast to the same, for example, shya child who wants to communicate with people, but it can not, a vicious child does not want to or do not know how to communicate. Normally closed, the origins are in early childhood, when children are characterized by tearfulness, poor mood, restlessness, and sleep disturbance and appetite.

Later seclusion go in fear of the people, stiffness, and anxiety for no reason.

How to deal with such a child and how you can save him from isolation?

As much as possible expand the circle of communication of the child,drive it to new places and get acquainted with lyudmi- strongly emphasizes the usefulness and benefits of dialogue, tell me, what's interesting, you know yourself and what pleasure you got from obscheniya- become an example of communicating person.

Remember that isolation will not disappear in a fewdays, so be patient and be prepared to engage in long-term work aimed at the removal of the closure of his child. But in order to speed up the process, engage with the child should develop games.

"Finish the sentence." Have your child finish the sentence, posochinyat ( "I know how to ... I want to ... I can ...").

Board game for 5-6 people. It would be wonderful if there are children.

"Dunno." You ask a child questions, and it should portray silently ignorance, bewilderment, surprise. This game promotes the development of gestures.

Amazing figure (figure). Offer your child something to draw or sculpt. It must be something wonderful and unexpected. Also draw something themselves, and then share with the baby pictures. The bottom line is that to finish drawing the other person on your own.

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