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IF YOU have a closed child

If you have a closed child</a>

Unlike the same, for example, shyA child who wants to communicate with people, but can not, a closed child does not want or does not know how to communicate correctly. Usually, the sources of isolation are in early childhood, when children are characterized by tearfulness, bad mood, restlessness, as well as a violation of sleep and appetite.

Later, isolation becomes a fear of people, stiffness and anxiety for no reason.

How to behave with such a child and how can you save him from being withdrawn?

As much as possible expand the social circle of the child,Lead him to new places and meet people-emphasize in every way the usefulness and benefits of communication, tell us what interesting you learned yourself and what pleasure you got from communicating-become an example of a communicating person.

Remember that seclusion does not disappear for a fewDays, so be patient and be prepared to engage in long-term work aimed at removing seclusion from your child. But in order to accelerate this process, deal with the child following developing games.

"Finish the sentence." Suggest your child to finish the phrase, to practice ("I can ... I want ... I can ...").

Board games for 5-6 people. It will be fine if there are children.

"Dunno." You ask the child questions, and he should silently portray ignorance, bewilderment, surprise. Such a game promotes the development of gesticulations.

Amazing drawing (figure). Offer the child something to dazzle or draw. It must be something amazing and unexpected. Also draw something yourself, and then exchange with the child drawings. The point is to draw another person's drawing at his own discretion.

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