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IF you have conflicting baby

If you have conflicting baby

What to do if you have a child growing conflict in the family?

How is it to determine how to deal with conflict child, what are the causes of conflict behavior of the child?

Let's try to answer these questions.

The major causes of conflict behavior of the childthere may be several. It is possible that this behavior is due to the selfishness of the child. If the family he is constantly in the spotlight, it is quite obvious that all his desires are fulfilled.

This is also to be treated, and he is waiting onothers of his peers. But did not get it, it goes to the conflict to meet their desires. On the other hand, the child may conflict due to the fact that he does not receive the attention of parents or family becomes an unwitting witness to skirmishes.

But whatever the reason, it is necessary to respond to the manifestation of the conflict and be prepared to change the behavior of their child.

How should behave in relation to theconflictual child? It is necessary to restrain his desire to provoke a quarrel, to pay attention to his unfriendly attitudes towards anybody and his muttering resentfully. You should also learn not to stop the quarrel, accusing another child, but rather to try to understand the conflict and its causes.

After a quarrel with the child, discuss the possible causesits appearance, determine the misconduct of their child and try to find and discuss other ways to exit from the conflict, but do not tell your child that the problem is in it, so he understands that conflict is inevitable.

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