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IF you have a conflict child

If you have a conflict child</a>

What if you have a conflict child in your family?

How does it determine how to behave with a conflict child, what are the causes of the child's conflict behavior?

Let's try to answer these questions.

The main causes of conflict behavior of the childCan be several. It is possible that this behavior is due to the selfishness of the child. If in the family he is constantly in the center of attention, then it is obvious that all his wishes are fulfilled.

He expects the same attitude towards himself fromSurrounding his peers. But without getting it, he goes to conflicts to satisfy his desires. On the other hand, a child may be in conflict because of the fact that he does not receive the attention of his parents or becomes an involuntary witness of family quarrels.

But whatever the reason, it is necessary to react to the manifestation of conflicts and be ready to change the behavior of your child.

How should we behave in relation toConflict child? It is necessary to restrain his aspirations to provoke quarrels, pay attention to his unfriendly views towards someone and to his muttering with resentment. You should also learn how to continue to quarrel, accusing another child, but, on the contrary, try to understand the conflict and its causes.

After a quarrel discuss with the child possible reasonsHer appearance, determine the wrong actions of her child and try to find and discuss other ways of getting out of conflicts, but do not tell the child that the whole problem is in him, as he will understand that conflicts are inevitable.

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