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If the child is not like everyone else


If you learned that your child is different fromTheir peers, both physically and psychologically, do not immediately panic. It is possible that this is a temporary phenomenon, but if a serious diagnosis is made to a child, it is worthwhile to think about its further development and upbringing.

A sick child is not a punishment
The child's physical or mental problems bring suffering to the parents and cause them to make a difficult but optimal choice.

Boarding school

No one has the right to condemn parents for refusingA child who can never live a normal life among people. When babies are born with Down's syndrome or cerebral palsy, employees of the maternity hospital themselves suggest writing a refusal from them, because not everyone will cope with this problem on their own.

Sometimes the child's disease manifests itself muchLater, it begins to lag behind in development and physically degrade. There may be signs of autism, and as a result of an injury a child may become disabled.

The decision of many parents becomes a roomKid in a special boarding school. In this there is nothing shameful. Few have the opportunity to devote their lives to a sick child, because you need to have the strength, health, financial opportunity, time for constant supervision and ensuring proper medical care.

Home Education

If the parents took on the responsibility forEducation of a disabled child, first of all, they must have a financial base for this step, because such a child needs much more than usual. One of the parents must leave work and take care of the child, carry him to the doctors and spend a lot of money for consultations, medications, procedures. And, it is quite possible, all this will be in vain, it is necessary to take care of the child all his life.

When parents understand this and take the possibleUnfavorable development of events, they will have to face a negative attitude towards their actions, condemnation and misunderstanding. It is better to stop such conversations right away, answering that this is your child, you love him and will do everything possible to brighten up his life.

After the diagnosis is to be collected about himAny information from the Internet, books, refer to the best specialists. You can also meet families who raise children with the same diagnosis, and communicate with them, share experiences or learn something useful for themselves.

You can try to give the baby with a light formDisability in a regular preschool or even a school. For children with more serious forms of the disease, there are correctional kindergartens and schools. Education at home is provided for children with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Poorly hearing or visually impaired children are betterTo practice in a special boarding school where they will be helped to adapt to the outside world. Do not forget that it is necessary to give the child the opportunity to develop his interests.

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