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If the child does not drink fluids


Children of any age must in sufficientQuantity to use a liquid, whether it be water, juices, compotes. A sufficient amount of water in the child's body is solved by such problems as constipation, loss of moisture during overheating, during illness with fever, etc. If the child does not drink liquid, it can be dehydrated, which is very dangerous for health.

If the child does not drink fluids

You will need

  • - molded for ice
  • - cups for making ice cream
  • - tubules
  • - a set of containers of different shapes and volumes
  • - matches
  • - children's cooler



Pour the juice, compote or just water into the moldsFor ice. It is desirable that the shape of the ice cubs is interesting, perhaps it will be fish or other funny figures. If the ice itself does not interest the child, then invite him to play in a cat that is hungry and eats fish with pleasure. Also use special forms for ice cream, you will get frozen juice on a stick. This method is suitable only if the baby is healthy and you are not afraid to chill his throat.


To water a child with water, offer himDifferent capacities: large and small mugs, glasses, bottles. During the day, change containers to keep interest. Often children start to drink liquid only because the process itself becomes fascinating.


If the child does not drink fluids, but likes the roleGame, give him a pipe and suggest playing a bumblebee or a butterfly, which from such a long nose drink nectar. The liquid can be poured into the same ice molds or simply poured into a mug or saucer.


Another way to water a child with water is to play withHim in the fire department. Light the matches, and the child will extinguish the fire by typing water into the mouth and blowing the jets into the match. So part of the water will be swallowed, and the baby will remain contented game.


Buy a children's cooler. It does not take up much space and is often made in the form of a bright cartoon character. The child can independently pour water at any time. It is possible that the process itself, the invented legend about the animal, in the form of which the cooler is made, will please the child and motivate him to drink more often.

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