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If a cat bites

If a cat bites

Cats - one of the most popular pets.

Despite the apparent fluffiness, each manualPurring alive predatory habits - echoes of its wild origin. Especially this sin still do not know the boundaries of the young animals, which began to play, can begin to bite humans.

If they are not immediately wean from this lesson, they will take this state of affairs as normal and will be biting at every opportunity.



The detachment of the cat belongs to the category of predators andit does not matter who they are - a 'proud leopard or a fluffy kitten. In each of them the nature of the standards of conduct laid, natural instincts, innate reflexes. In order to survive, the cat should be able to hunt. If suddenly began to play cat bites a person, then with high probability it plays in the hunt and found a victim. Especially attractive legs moving for her.


Sometimes bites can be a manifestation of the love cat. In this case, the animal is only slightly bites the arm or leg the host without causing him pain.


Small kittens in education between the motherthrough the stage of socialization, when the cat monitors the behavior of the beast, and if one of them starts to play too, and transgresses the boundaries, he could well-deserved slap shlopotat paw. Among other is another significant reason not to take the kitten before 12 weeks from the mother, from which it will absorb the correct behavior, as they say, with milk.


Even if your baby touches the habits,grab your arm or leg teeth, you need to immediately show their displeasure occurred. There is no need to postpone a lesson for tomorrow, or more distant future. The older the animal, the disease becomes his bites, and the harder it is to wean them.


As soon as the cat will bite you immediately loudly andclearly tell her, "No!" - stop playing. In extreme cases it can blow in its face or even hiss. Wait 1-2 minutes and only then proceed to further the game. Do not forget to offer a cat toy, which she will be able to vent his hunting fuse.


If the young nipper took hold styleambush on your feet and throw them as soon as they come into view, help with water spray. Do not be afraid of what is now the house you have fully prepared to move: Couple just enough that the cat knew. Immediately after the attack on the hunter drizzle, so she knew the relationship: biting - cold shower.

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