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IDEA necklace in the form of kokoshnika

The idea of ​​a necklace in the form of a kokoshnik</a>

Soon the summer, it's time for bright outfits and colorful ornaments.

Perhaps, in the spring and summer you can afford a little more than in autumn and winter: large eye-catching accessories or gentle and voluminous. It will be very interesting to look a necklace-kokoshnik.

National motives are now very relevant.

You will need

  • - various beads,
  • - beads,
  • - satin ribbons,
  • - tapes with different textures,
  • - a leather or a dense fabric,
  • - lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon,
  • - accessories



You can make a necklace in the form of a kokoshnik with your own hands.
It can be made from beads, beads,Various tapes and fabrics. To decide on the style, it is necessary to plunge into the history, to find images of real kokoshniks, which Russian ladies of the past enjoyed with pleasure and pride. After looking at the idea, the shape of the kokoshnik, the color and the pattern, you can create a masterpiece!


Necklace from beads can be weaved. There are many patterns and patterns of weaving of individual parts, which can then be joined and obtained as a result of the shape of the kokoshnik.
It will be glowing to look like a necklace, beaded with an openwork pattern.


If you want to embroider the necklace with beads, then take the skin or dense fabric as a basis, cut out the shape of the kokoshnik and process the edges as necessary. Before embroidering, mark the future drawing.


If you do not have much patience, then you can take a simpler version of the necklace. To do this, simply select the larger beads.


Kokoshnik can be sewn to tapes, or use a chain with a buckle.


It will be interesting and airy to look at the beads sewn on the guipure fabric or mesh.


Necklace in the style of vintage will come from tapes of pastel light tones, embroidered with mother of pearl beads.


If you go shopping with accessories longer and find unusual beads in the form of berries, you can create such an amazing necklace-kokoshnik.


Patient and assiduous needlewomen will cope with such a complex necklace. Agree, the result is worth it!


Include fantasy, use beads, beads, ribbons, patches. The main thing is that all the details should be in harmony with each other in color, texture and not too nagging.


Necklaces can be knitted from threads with crochet or knitting needles. As decorations can serve as large beads.


If you do not know how to weave or you simply do not have time for it - do not worry! In the store you can pick up no less interesting variants of the necklace-kokoshnika. For example, leather with a through pattern.


Or a metal necklace made of brass with a beautiful pattern under Khokhloma.

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