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IDEA necklace as kokoshnik

The idea of ​​a necklace in the form of kokoshnik

Soon the summer, it's time to bright dresses and colorful ornaments.

Perhaps, in the spring and summer, you can afford a little more than in autumn and winter: big flashy accessories or soft and voluminous. It will be very interesting to watch necklace-kokoshnik.

National motifs are very actual today.

You will need

  • - Various beads,
  • - Beads,
  • - satin ribbons,
  • - Ribbons with different textures,
  • - Leather or thick cloth,
  • - Lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon,
  • - supplies



Necklace in the form kokoshnik can do with their hands.
It can be made of beads, beads,various tapes and fabrics. To decide on the style, you need to immerse yourself in history, find images of these kokoshniks who are happy and proud to wear Russian ladies last. Podsmotrena idea kokoshnik shape, color and pattern, you can create a masterpiece!


Necklace of beads can be woven. There are plenty of patterns and schemes of weaving individual parts, which can then combine and get a result kokoshnik form.
Gently looks necklace woven beaded openwork pattern.


If you want to embroider beaded necklace, then the basis of the skin or take a thick cloth, cut and process the form kokoshnik edge if necessary. Before embroidering, mark the next drawing.


If you do not have highly developed patience, you can take the option necklace easier. To do this, simply pick up the beads of larger size.


Kokoshnik can sew to tapes, or use a chain with a clasp.


Interestingly air will look beads sewn on the cloth or mesh guipure.


Necklace in vintage style turn of the tape with pastel light colors, embroidered with pearl beads.


If you go shopping with fittings and longer unusual to find beads in the form of berries, can be created here is amazing necklace-kokoshnik.


Patient and diligent needlewoman cope with such a difficult necklace. Agree, the result is worth it!


Turn imagination, using beads, beads, ribbons, paetki. The main thing that all the details were in harmony with each other in color, texture and were not too nalyapisty.


Necklaces can be linked from the thread crochet or spokes. As decorations can serve large beads.


If you do not know how to weave, or simply do not have time for this - do not worry! In the store you can pick up at least interesting options necklaces kokoshnik. For example from the skin with continuous pattern.


Or metal necklace made of brass with a beautiful pattern Khokhloma.

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