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IDEA for Sony

The idea for sony

This hack lovers sleep in the morning. Tie this dormouse on the door handle on the outside of the room - and no one will disturb your sleep over the weekend.

Looking at his satisfied smile, you immediately think of wonderful dreams and sweet slumber.

Take the wooden spoon, cloth, ribbon, beads, felt-tip pen, pink paint, PVA glue and needle and thread.

Cut a strip of fabric the desired size, wrapits handle of a wooden spoon and stick. Hands and feet are made of fabric strips folded three times, and securing them with glue, iron the iron. Two such strips of glue or sew on the end of a spoon. Turned legs.

Cut off from the tube and sew two or ringletglue on one ringlet to each leg. Beads or bead color pink and glue in the center of the convex side of the spoon. Felt-tip pen to draw eyes and a wide smile.

From fabric cut diamond, brush it with glue and,folded in half, stick to the head of Sony as a headdress. The tip decorate beads. On the neck tie ribbon, wind the ends of the tape under the handle and make a loop, for which you can hang the man. To attach handles paper leaf with a request, and the top two slices stick cork.

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