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ID cards

ID card - the future of the passport?

Discussions on the introduction of identity cards instead of passports of Russian civil underway is not the first year.

The project is called the UEC - a universal electronic card.

Its functions will include the identification of the citizen and the possibility of payment of any services.

Why do I need an ID card

Red tape, which is an inherent propertyRussian bureaucracy (at least, it is difficult to believe in the possibility of rapid reform in this area), has long been known. ID card may allow to simplify a number of processes, for which the citizens of today to come to the state institutions, to defend the queues and communicate with officials.
With the card you can order and payvarious public services, as it will include a medical policy and insurance certificate. It will be possible to add travel, e-wallet. Since the card issuer would Sberbank, every Russian has become the owner of a payment account.

According to the draft, the card will be issued free of charge. To obtain it, you need only fill out an application. The card will be valid for 5 years, after which it will have to change.

The project UEC provides for the possibility of includingto map additional services. To do this, they simply will be written on the chip card. Basic services, as well as a card, will be free, but for more, you may have to pay.

Advantages and disadvantages of ID card

The population of Russia expresses concernson a new project. Most people fear that the card will be very easy to lose. There are those who believe that the security of all personal data when recording them on one carrier will be under serious threat.
However, the cards have a distinct advantage. You can use them as soon as possible to carry out operations that are used to spend weeks and months. They almost completely eliminate the need to apply to the bureaucratic institutions.
UEC Developers in Russia are working to protect people from the loss of the card. It is planned to issue a duplicate card, even at the request of the owner.

So far, the UEC is positioned as an interim project, which will happen after the complete transition to electronic passports.

Experience in other countries

Identification cards and successfully implementedare used in a significant number of countries. Under the passport it is often implied passport as identity card has long since become a handy card.
According to the state of affairs in 2013, the systemID cards introduced or developed in more than 50 countries, including Germany, UK, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain and others.
The experience of other countries, can be accuratelysay that with proper and well planned process of transition identification cards can really be an alternative to paper passports in the future.

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