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World Hockey Championship 2014: schedule of matches

Ice Hockey World Championship 2014: schedule of matches

The first tournament of the world ice hockey will hold Belarus. The prestigious championship will be held in two ice palace of the country - "Chizhovka-Arena" and "Minsk-Arena".

All of them are located in Minsk.

Participants and World Cup Hockey 2014 Regulations

At the World Cup in 2014 claimed 16 national teams. In the qualifying stage they divided into two groups - A and B - each will be eight teams. Within the group, each team will play 7 matches. Therefore, in each group will be held on 28 games.

If the team wins get 3 points, and itsthe enemy will not be assessed points. In overtime, both teams receive 1 point. Meanwhile, the team scoring the goal in the shootout, will work in your piggy bank another 1 point.

Currently known schedules gamesspecific teams only on qualifying 2014 World Cup. The participants of the quarter-finals and finals will be known in the course of the championship (approximately 20 May). Games playoffs will begin on May 22 and the final of the tournament will take place on 25 May.

Hockey World Cup 2014: Group A match schedule

Group A included teams of the following countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Canada, Sweden, France, Denmark, Italy. Group A will meet at "Chizhovka-Arena".

9th May

Slovakia - Czech Republic

France - Canada

May 10

Sweden - Denmark

Italy - Norway

Canada - Slovakia

May 11

Sweden - Czech Republic

France - Italy

12 May

Czech Republic - Canada

Slovakia - France

may 13

Norway - Sweden

Italy - Denmark

May 14

Slovakia - Norway

Czech Republic - Italy

May 15

Sweden - France

Canada - Denmark

16th of May

Canada - Italy

Norway - Denmark

May 17

Denmark - Czech Republic

France - Norway

Slovakia - Italy

May 18

Czech Republic - Norway

Canada - Sweden

May 19

Italy - Sweden

Denmark - France

May 20

Czech Republic - France

Norway - Canada

Denmark - Slovakia

Hockey World Cup 2014: Group B match schedule

The national team in the group B, willpursue World Championship qualification matches on the "Minsk-Arena". This group includes the following countries: United States, Kazakhstan, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Russia.

9th May

Belarus - US

Switzerland - Russia

May 10

Finland - Latvia

Kazakhstan - Germany

United States - Switzerland

May 11

Belarus - Kazakhstan

Germany - Latvia

Finland - Russia

12 May

Russia - United States

Switzerland - Belarus

may 13

Kazakhstan - Latvia

Germany - Finland

May 14

Russia - Kazakhstan

Switzerland - Germany

May 15

Finland - Belarus

US - Latvia

16th of May

Finland - Switzerland

US - Kazakhstan

May 17

Belarus - Germany

Latvia - Russia

Switzerland - Kazakhstan

May 18

Russia - Germany

USA - Finland

May 19

Latvia - Belarus

Kazakhstan - Finland

May 20

Russia - Belarus

Germany - United States

Latvia - Switzerland

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