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How to withdraw money from the deposit

How to withdraw money from the deposit

In order to save your money, you can put them on a bank account.

Such cooperation is beneficial to both sides: the bank receives funds for its own operations, and you - the percentage of the money laid.

This contribution is called a deposit.

You will need

  • - A formal request for the return by contributions
  • - documentation-
  • - A statement in prokuraturu-
  • - statement of claim.



In order to withdraw money from the deposit in the bank,make a formal request for the return of the deposit. To do this, send a letter with a demand directly to the bank, which issued the deposit. If you need a tool to remove the deposit as soon as possible, or you are afraid that the letter may get lost - not send the usual letter and registered, with acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail letter to the addressee.


Do not want to wait for the letter to come, you canpersonally take to the bank requirement for early issuance of deposit. At the same time, make sure that your demand recorded in the book of receiving citizens' applications. Also need to have on your copy of the agreement set the date, part number, and the name of a bank employee, who took a statement from you.


If within seven days & nbsp- afterthe bank received a notice, you do not give money, and the bank employees do not contact you within a month to explain the reasons for the refusal to grant sredstv- refer to the district prosecutor's office not to return bank deposit. After that, the bank at the request of the prosecutor's office, will provide you with comprehensive information, why your request was left unanswered.


Within a month after the request of the prosecutor's officethe bank also did not respond to you - refer to the district court. Bring a document confirming the prosecutor's check, and consult a lawyer for assistance in making a claim. Wait until the court's decision, which is likely to oblige the bank to pay your deposit and to cover legal fees.


Maybe you have friends among the bank's employees - to negotiate with them, so that they help you to withdraw money from the deposit, or explain how you can solve this problem.


It happens that the bank does not return the deposit, andyou have credit in it - ask & nbsp- produce vzaimoraschet- if you have a loan in the bank, but there are some friends - to re-register your deposit to them, after agreeing to return the money to you.

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