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How do I turn the radio on your computer

How do I turn the radio on your computer

Internet radio is a good alternative to short-wave broadcasting in the city, where a lot of noise.

The Internet presents the tens of thousands of radio stations from around the world and hear each of them with a quality comparable to FM.

If you have a computer with Internet access and sound card to purchase additional equipment to listen to them is not required.



Prepare the computer to receiveInternet radio stations, if this was not done earlier. Connect it to the Internet in any way by an unlimited data plan, or switch to a tariff, if you have previously used the Limit. Set in the car sound card, connect it to speakers or headphones.


Make sure to set your computer's operating system is compatible with the player Flash Player. Download and install the latest version of the player.


Start the computer and any browser, go to the following site:


In the list on the left side of the page, select the desired genre.


If your chosen genre is divided into sub-categories, select the desired among them.


list of stations will be loaded corresponding to yourrequirements. However, only the first ten stations found to be present in it. To download ten more, get the key at the end of the list «Show more» and click on it. Each press of this button will complement its ten more stations eligible under the criteria set by you.


To start listening to the station, press theto the left of its name, a round button with the icon «Play» (triangle pointing right). virtual player will appear in the bottom of the page, and simultaneously begin playback of the audio stream. Thus, you can only listen to stations broadcasting in MP3 format. If the broadcast format - AAC, will have to install additional software.


To start listening to another station, justClick the corresponding button «Play». Play previous station signal automatically stops. Most can stop listening by closing the browser tab. You can temporarily turn off the sound and without closing the tab, switch the virtual player is in pause mode.

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