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How to rewrite a tape to a disc


How to rewrite a tape to a disc</a>

Tape recorders represent a wholeEra. Copying of records on two cassettes, rewinding with a pencil and gluing the torn tape with adhesive tape? All this was quite an ordinary phenomenon for many.

However, the time goes by, and today the cassettes are being replaced by digital technology. But some memories have remained recorded on tapes, which can sometimes be turned on and nostalgic.

However, over time the magnetic tape wears out, and in order to save the moments of the past, you can rewrite the tape to disk.

You will need

  • Music center (tape recorder), a cord for connection with a computer



To work with sound, we need specialPrograms that have functionality for recording from external sources. Their choice is quite wide both among paid and among free solutions. For example, Sound Forge, Audacity, Power Sound Editor Free. The next steps will be made using the example of the Sound Forge program. Download and install the program from the developer's site.


We connect a cassette tape recorder or a music tape recorderCenter with the help of a cord to the corresponding connector on the sound card. Does the tape recorder usually have a single output? This is a headphone jack. The music center allows you to get a better signal, and for this often on the back wall there are connectors of the tulip type. In accordance with the connectors, choose the appropriate cord.


Run Sound Forge and click on the redA round button on the toolbar. A window with options for recording audio will open. We choose among the available devices for recording a sound card to which a tape recorder or a music center is connected. We turn on the cassette playback.


If everything is connected correctly, then in the recording windowWe will see a working equalizer signaling the volume level of the incoming signal in the computer. Using the volume control on the tape recorder and using the general system mixer, adjust the signal so that the sound heard from the computer speakers is clean, without characteristic wheezing. Equalizer does not have to get into the red zone too often.


After setting the sound in the Sound Forge window, press the button "Start recording". We start the cassette playback.


After the playback and stoppingWe will see a graphic image of the received material. If necessary, you can apply different effects to it, cut off excess silence, equalize the frequencies? All this allows you to make the functionality of different programs to work with sound.


The file obtained as a result of these operations is stored on the hard disk in the required encoding (mp3, wav, ogg, etc.).

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