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How do I transfer a tape to disk

How to copy a tape to disk

Cassette tapes represent the wholeera. Copying Recordings to dvuhkassetnikah, rewind with a pencil and gluing the torn tape adhesive tape? it was quite common for many.

However, the time is coming, and now superseded cassette digital equipment. But some memories have remained recorded on cassettes, which can sometimes turn nostalgic and thoroughly.

However, over time the tape wears out, and to keep the moments of the past, can be written on the tape drive.

You will need

  • Music Center (tape) cable for connection to a computer



To work with the sound of us need specialprogram having functionality for recording from external sources. Their choice is wide enough among both paid and free among the solutions. For example, Sound Forge, Audacity, Power Sound Editor Free. Further steps have been taken to the Sound Forge program example. Download and install the program from the developer.


Connect a cassette recorder or musiccenter with a cord to the appropriate connector on the sound card. The tape usually is the only way out? this jack. Music Center provides a better quality signal, and it is often provided at the rear connectors species tulip. In accordance with connectors selects the appropriate power cord.


Run Sound Forge and press the redround button on the toolbar. A window will open with the sound recording options. Choose among the available devices for recording sound card, which is connected to a tape recorder or a stereo system. Turn back the tape.


If everything is connected correctly, the recording windowwe will see works equalizer, indicating that the volume level of the incoming signal to the computer. Use the volume control on the recorder and adjust the signal using a common system of the mixer so that the audible sound from the computer speakers was clean, without the characteristic wheezing. The equalizer in this case must not fall too often into the red zone.


After the sound settings in the Sound Forge window, press the button? Start recording ?. Start playing the cassette.


After the end of playback and stoprecord we see a graphical representation of the resulting material. If necessary, you can apply a variety of effects, trim excess silence, align the frequency? All this allows you to make various functional software for working with sound.


The resulting data file transactions stored on the hard disk in the proper encoding (mp3, wav, ogg, etc.).

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