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How do I start to sing

How do I start to sing

Why did your friend incendiary singing karaoke at a party once, and can not decide?

This is natural, because you are afraid of your own voice, and he answers you with the same.

To overcome shyness and begin to sing freely and relaxed, you need a little practice.

You will need

  • 1. The room where you no one will meshat-
  • 2. CD with karaoke and music player-
  • 3. Thirty minutes a day for a few weeks, you will devote to training.



To begin, relax. To do this, try the following exercise: go free on a bed, sofa or on the floor. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are lying on the beach, warm sand beneath you, you hear the sound of the surf and the breeze gently caresses your hair. Fantasize that happens around you - maybe flying gulls, or sea waves easily touch your feet, washing away with you all the insults, all the anger, all bad, experiences of the day. Lie as ten minutes, and then easily get up and smile.


Go through your mind's eye your whole body. Physically, you feel that some muscles are tense. Relax their willpower.


Do breathing exercises. If you own or Strelnikova breathing techniques Frolova, then that's great. If not, just inhale and exhale a few times. It must be a deep breath, in which freely and easily fills all the space of your chest. For example, imagine that you are breathing in the fragrance of rose.


Do exercise that will allow you tolearn to step back from all that is happening around you. Exercise called "public solitude", invented by the great director Konstantin Stanislavsky. So, mentally draw a circle, in which you find yourself and a few items of your surroundings. There is only within this circle, oblivious to what lies beyond. Note that the narrower circle, the closer you in it, and the wider, the easier it is distracted by extraneous. Draw a circle around it so every time you uncomfortable, you have something shy. You will immediately become easier for you to switch to their inner experiences.


Turn the disc with karaoke and start singing. Think about what you sing. If the song is about love, remember how you fell in love for the first time as accompanied his beloved school is guarded her at the door. This for example, each has its own memories. When your thoughts are occupied with the experience of what you sing, you do not have time to be embarrassed. You sing freely and relaxed.

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