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How to start singing


How to start singing</a>

Why does your friend incendiaryly sing in karaoke at another party, but do not dare?

This is natural, because you are afraid of your own voice, and it answers you the same.

To overcome the restraint and start singing freely and liberally, you need to practice a little.

You will need

  • 1. a room where no one will disturb you-
  • 2. CD with karaoke and music player-
  • 3. thirty minutes a day for several weeks, which you will devote to training.



First, relax. To do this, perform the following exercise: Lie down freely on the bed, sofa or on the floor. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are lying on the seashore, beneath you are warm sand, you hear the sound of surf and the breeze gently caresses your hair. Fantasize what is happening around you - maybe seagulls fly, or the sea waves easily touch your feet, washing off all your grievances, all the malice, all the bad things that have gone through the day. Lie so for about ten minutes, then easily get up and smile.


Think of your whole body with your mind. Physically you will feel that some muscles are tense. Relax them with effort of will.


Do respiratory gymnastics. If you own the techniques of breathing Strelnikova or Frolov, then it's great. If not, just inhale and exhale several times. It should be a deep breath, in which the entire space of your chest is filled easily and freely. For example, imagine that you are inhaling the fragrance of a rose.


Do an exercise that will allow youLearn to stay away from everything that is happening around you. The exercise is called "public loneliness", invented by its great director Konstantin Stanislavsky. So, draw a mental circle in which you and some objects of your environment get to. Exist only within this circle, not paying attention to what is outside of it. Note that the narrower the circle, the narrower you are in it, and the wider, the easier it is to distract yourself to an outsider. Draw a circle around you every time you feel uncomfortable, you are embarrassed. You will immediately feel better, you will switch to your inner experiences.


Turn on the disc with karaoke and start singing. Think about what you sing. If the song is about love, then remember how you fell in love for the first time, how to see off your beloved from school, how they guarded her at the entrance. This is for example, everyone has their own memories. When your thoughts are busy with the experience of what you are singing about, you do not have time to be embarrassed. You sing freely and liberally.

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