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How to send a plate

How to send a plate

So, all you need to receive the satellite signal you have.

Established satellite equipment (antenna,converter, a network card), installed software network card, in a program-tuner signal parameters entered. However, the program indicator lights up in red, indicating that the satellite signal is not recorded.

Do not worry, as it should be.

To catch the antenna with the satellite signal, it must be precisely oriented to it.

This is what will do now.

You will need

  • plumb, two-wire cable, speaker, protractor, protractor dial, smooth wooden rake 1.5-2 m long.



Install the program on your computer SatelliteAntenna Alignmen. Enter the coordinates of your home it (the village) and the longitude of the satellite. Record three parameters that the program will in response to the input:

•; oblique angle relative to the antenna gorizontali-

•; azimuth sputnika-

•; time when the sun and moon are in the same azimuth (the solar azimuth).


Select reference point (benchmark) on the ground, which coincides with the azimuth of the azimuth of the satellite.

The reference point may be determined according to the solar azimuth (for position of the sun), or by measuring the angle of the slats are oriented along the line "North-South".


Aim the antenna reference point and lock it in this position by tightening the corresponding nut.

Attach the antenna on its vertical axis of the rail. Install the switch using protractor, plumb protractor or angle between the rail and the horizontal equal to the angle of inclination of the antenna.


Attach one end of the wire to the speaker «BEEP» computer (the one that beeps during post-control when the computer is turned on), and the other - to the speaker, placed near the antenna.


Slowly and gently Push the Power antenna in one direction,the other side from the reference position. Do this for as long as you hear a beep tuner program means that the signal from the satellite is fixed. Get the position of the antenna, in which the signal strength and quality are maximized.


Tighten all bolts of the antenna so that it can not change its position under the influence of wind.

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