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How to steer a plate


How to steer a plate</a>

So, everything you need to receive a signal from the satellite you have.

Installed satellite equipment (antenna,Converter, network card), the network card software has been installed, signal parameters have been entered into the tuner program. However, the program indicator glows red, indicating that the signal from the satellite is not fixed.

Do not worry, it should be so.

In order for the antenna to catch the signal from the satellite, it must be precisely oriented to it.

This is what we have to do now.

You will need

  • A plumb line, a two-wire wire, a speaker, a protractor, a gauging gauge, an even wooden board 1.5-2 m long.



Install the Satellite program on your computerAntenna Alignmen. Enter the coordinates of your home (settlement) and the longitude of the satellite into it. Write down three parameters that the program will return in response to the input:

•; the angle of the oblique antenna with respect to the horizontal-

•; azimuth of the satellite-

•; the time when the sun and satellite are in the same azimuth (the time of solar azimuth).


Select a reference point (landmark) in the terrain, the azimuth of which coincides with the azimuth of the satellite.

The reference point can be determined by the solar azimuth (by the position of the sun) or by measuring the angle from the rails oriented along the line "north-south".


Point the antenna at the reference point and lock it into this position by tightening the corresponding nuts.

Attach the rail to the antenna along its vertical axis. Set the angle between the bar and the horizontal line equal to the slope of the antenna with the help of an angle gauge, protractor or plumb bob.


Connect one end of the wire to the "BEEP" speaker of the computer (the one that beeps during the post-control when the computer is turned on), and the other end to the speaker located near the antenna.


Slowly and gently move the antenna into one,Then the other side of the starting position. Do this until you hear the sound of the tuner program, meaning that the signal from the satellite is fixed. Get the position of the antenna, in which the strength and quality of the signal are maximum.


Tighten all the antenna mounting bolts firmly so that it can not change its position under the influence of wind.

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