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How to start windows in safe mode


How to start windows in safe mode</a>

Safe Mode or Safe Mode is the operating mode of Microsoft Windows, in which only vital drivers and system files are loaded.

However, no programs, even standard ones, are loaded.

This makes it possible to remove malware and viruses.



If your computer is now turned on, restart it. When the computer is booted, the screen displays information about the main components? Processor, video card, RAM, etc.
After that, a short beep sounds and the logo of the motherboard manufacturer is loaded. At this time, you have to press the? F8? Key, on some laptops? F2? Or? Insert ?.
Press the key many times in a row to catchThe moment to select the Windows boot mode. If you catch the right moment, will appear on the screen? The menu of additional boot options ?. If this menu does not appear, but the Windows startup starts, restart the computer and try again.


When you enter the "Advanced boot options" menu, use the keyboard buttons that show the arrows to select "Safe Mode"? (? Safe Mode?). Press? Enter? To select a mode.
Instead of the usual boot screen, a blackThe screen at the bottom of which will be notified about which system file is being loaded at the moment. Downloading in safe mode usually lasts longer than usual.


After downloading, a message will appear on the screen that the computer is running in limited mode and to continue working in this mode, you need to click on the button? Yes? In the dialog box.

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