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How to run windows in safe mode

How do I run windows in safe mode

Safe Mode or Safe Mode is a Microsoft Windows operating mode, in which only loaded vital operating system, drivers and system files.

In this case, no program, even the standard, not loaded.

This makes it possible to remove malware and viruses.



If your computer is now on, restart it. When you start your computer, the screen displays information about the main components? processor, video card, RAM, etc.
This is followed by a short beep and the motherboard manufacturer logo is loaded. At this time, you must press the key? F8 ?, on some laptops? F2? or the? Insert ?.
Press many times in a row, to catchtime to select the Windows boot mode. If you catch the right moment, will appear on the screen? Startup menu ?. If this menu does not appear, and started loading Windows, restart your computer and try again.


As you enter the? Startup menu ?, using the keypad buttons, which show arrows, select the? Safe mode? (? Safe Mode?). Click the? Enter? mode selection.
Instead of the usual loading screen appears blackscreen below which is notified as to which system file is loaded currently. Booting into Safe Mode usually lasts longer than usual.


After you download a notification appears on the screen that the computer is running in restricted mode and to continue working in this mode, you need to click on the button? Yeah? in the dialog box.

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