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How to replace the mixer


Both the mixer itself and its installation must be of high quality</a>

If you have a faulty mixer, you can get by with a partial replacement of some of its parts. If no minor repair works help, you'll have to change everything at once.

In the end, you might just need to put a new mixer in place of the old one.



Each person has his own taste, so the choice of formMixer? Business personal. Another thing ? manufacturer. Chinese manufacturers are represented in Russian stores very widely. They are inexpensive and do not cause any wrangling. This is an excellent value for money. The second group includes European producers, in particular, Italian ones. European quality mixers are 25-50% better than Chinese ones and an order of magnitude higher than theirs. There are also Russian manufacturers, which are comparable in quality with Chinese ones.


Which heads to choose, ceramic or simple? Of course, ceramic is better. They are safer, do not require much effort during the closure of the crane. Their minuses? Ceramic heads require more quality water, so they are placed in front of them a filter or at least a gasket with a mesh as an alternative.


When choosing a bathroom faucet, look at the knot in theThe place of connection of the eccentric with the crane by means of a gasket. Earlier the eccentrics were made with a thickening from the side of the crane, and now they somehow moved away from it. Therefore, at present, this node often provokes leakage, especially when installing a crane: the gasket either slides inside the eccentric or is cut by its sharp edge. See that the side of the eccentric that faces the tap is completely or almost not sharp. The gasket should keep its shape well and not slip inward. Especially good today are gasket with a mesh, not only filtering water, but also keeping its shape well at the expense of this very mesh.


You must first measure the length of the gasket,If you are going to install a kitchen faucet on a flexible piping. If the tap you chose is imported, its piping should be half an inch (by 15). If it is three / eighth (10), buy a half-inch adapter.


When installing a mixer in a bathroom, sometimesIt turns out at once to turn out old eccentrics. Try to anneal them if you can not unscrew it. For this purpose, a Chinese gas can. After that, you have a sharp increase in the chances of unscrewing the eccentric without breaking it.


And one more nuance: when you screw podvodku in the kitchen cylinder, do not show excessive zeal, so as not to damage anything.

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