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Uniform State Exam - a very ambiguous phenomenon.

CSE is still causing a lot of controversy and debate. Rent it all graduates of schools on a mandatory basis.

However, not everyone knows that you can refuse delivery of state examinations.



If you are not satisfied with the organization of a singlestate examination, or you basically against such forms of examination, then look for like-minded people among the parents of your child's classmates. Because chances are that you will be able to refuse to carry out such a form of final certification for your children as a class, will increase significantly.


Then you can write a complaint or claimapplication with the competent authorities. Alternatively, contact the City Duma deputy, who was elected from your neighborhood, and by definition must deal with the problems of "their" people. Also you can organize (more than once), and strike against the referendum of EGE in your school. The key to the success of such activities will be your perseverance and activity.


You can write a letter of application to the departmentEducation, in charge of the program at your institution. Be sure to include in your statement that you are asking to spend for your child (if you are struggling with the system alone) or for your children (if you have the initiative group) carrying out final certification of all the usual way - in writing or orally. However, be prepared for the fact that your paper will not be accepted there. After all, it will go to the counter to sheathe the policy pursued by the state. But again, to persevere.


You can also refer to the Constitutional CourtRussia, if none of the officials go to meet you is not going to. After deprivation of the opportunity to choose the form of the final certification - as a test or as a traditional examination - is regarded as a violation of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. And it is this, according to the Constitution of Russia, it is one of the most serious violations of the law.

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