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How to refuse the services of a mobile bank


How to refuse the services of a mobile bank</a>

Many people, making out a credit or debitCard, at the suggestion of the employees of the financial institution, they activate the service "Mobile Bank". This means that you can receive information about your account status and card transactions on your mobile phone.

Despite the convenience of this service, it may be necessary to disable it, for example, due to a number change or if you no longer want to pay for mobile banking.

How can this be done?

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - The number of your bank account or card.



If your bank provides servicesInternet banking, you can disable the "Mobile Bank" directly on its website. To do this, go to your bank's website, open the "Internet Banking" section, enter your login and password that were given to you along with the account maintenance agreement. Then select the section "Mobile Bank" in the offered menu and give up this service, following the instructions on the website. After the service is disconnected, the fee will not be charged to you from the following month.


In the absence of an Internet bank, tryDisable the service by phone. To do this, find the phone of the contact center of the bank on the site or in your account maintenance agreement. Some banks also indicate this phone on a plastic card. Then call the bank from your cell phone. Follow the instructions of the voice menu and the service will be disabled. Keep a passport ready, as you may need to name its series and number. You may also need a contract number and a card.


If disconnection by phone is not possible, come toBranch of the bank in person. Bring your passport, service agreement or bank card. Approach the operator and fill out the application for disabling the service. To do this, you will receive a special form. After filling, put the number and signature.


If there is a large queue in the bankingSpecialists, you can disable the "Mobile Bank" with the help of self-service terminals. This is possible, for example, in Sberbank. To do this you will need to specify your account number and mobile phone number.

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