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How do I remove myself from the people search

How do I remove myself from the people search

In order to feel safe on the Internet, a few simple rules must be observed.

Remember that your safety depends on you.

And to protect themselves on the Internet better than before will happen any trouble.



Do not call the Internet their real name,name and other information. Filling all kinds of forms and registering on the site, think about whether you really want to leave the actual data? Maybe we can restrict the pseudonym? The same applies to the mailboxes. Especially if you create a mailbox only to confirm the registration. The forums communicate anonymously. Do not call in the communication process any personal data. To register for the random forums use backup mailboxes.


Do not post personal photos on the Internet. Even if you do not specify the real name, you can always be found on the image. Remember that the Internet is accessible to all. In particular, for employers.


In no case anywhere on the Internet, do not publishyour home address. Be careful with the placement of the phone number. After all, and on it you can establish your identity when required. Perhaps you are driving on a network of some serious business. Then leave contact information: mailbox, phone numbers - the need. But in this case, we can not forget about caution.


Do not meet the reality of the people whoYou know only the Internet to communicate. These are not empty words. Criminal chronicles occasionally replenished notes about the consequences of such meetings. Even if you think you are good to know your virtual companion, remember that anybody can hide behind anyone.


Do not put in a free access andpass extraneous files that contain personal information and data about you. Pages grave sites where you have to leave personal information have additional protection. For example, official sites of the banks.


If you have already managed to "heritage" in the network, they do searches on the personal information that allegedly left a. Remove all the data found.

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