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How to remember the PIN

PIN code is a numerical combination that is used to gain access to personal data such as credit card account.

If you have lost or forgotten the PIN code, you can restore it in one of several ways.



Try to remember a PIN code yourself. Usually a combination of four digits. Think about the order in which they were located. Most often, people associate the desired combination with any well-known data, so that later you can quickly recall it, for example, the first two digits correspond to the date of birth, and the second two - year high school, etc. Try to remember what you have associated PIN, and maybe it 'pops' in your head.


Locate the documents that you made out withyou receive your PIN. Consideration should be given, did not record whether you have it somewhere else: in your computer, diary or just on one of the sheets of paper that can be at home or at work. Also remember, was not present there next to you someone from relatives or friends when you enter a combination, since they could remember a pin code. Even you can try to activate your visual and tactile memory. For example, walk up to the ATM or grab a phone. Imagine that you know the PIN code, and think about what you would press the key. Try also to remember how to move your fingers in the previous set of combinations.


Remember that usually enter the correct PIN codeIt is given at least three attempts. Try to recall the three most appropriate combinations and use them one by one until you enter the correct one. If you make three incorrect attempts, access to a phone, a bank card or other data will be blocked. To unlock and get a new PIN code, contact the institution, which received it before submitting personal documents and contracts, which made out to obtain appropriate services. If you lose your bank or SIM card, be sure to inform the experts, otherwise it can be exploited.

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