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How to prevent automatic updates


How to prevent automatic updates</a>

Updates to the Windows XP operating system are designed to improve its performance and eliminate the system from detected vulnerabilities.

Their downloading and installation is automatic, however, if desired, this process can be canceled at any time.



Uninstall updates duringInstallation of the Windows operating system. As a rule, you can do this at one of the last stages. In this case, you can cancel not only the installation of updates, but also their download. However, if you cancel these actions, the operating system will constantly remind you that its security is threatened by pop-up notifications in the system tray. In order to cancel the installation of updates, select one of the following items: "Notify, but do not download and do not install them automatically", or "Disable automatic notification". Now the operating system updates will not be automatically installed and loaded.


If the installation of updates has already beenEnabled, then it is disabled by special Windows tools. In order to disable the installation of updates, go to the "Start" menu, and right click on the button "My Computer." In the resulting context menu, select the "Properties" line. The operating system properties dialog box opens, where you select the Automatic Update". In this tab, select one of the items described in the previous step. In addition, automatic installation of updates can be disabled, while leaving the option to install manually. To do this, select the "Download updates, but give the user the option to choose the time of their installation".


Limit Internet access. Updates to the operating system are downloaded and installed only if the computer is connected to the Internet. However, without disabling updates in the system properties, you will receive notifications constantly. The best option is to notify updates and to isolate the computer from the Internet, if possible.

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