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How to prevent another user from accessing


How to prevent another user from accessing</a>

Often beginning users of a computer or social networks face the problem of restricting access to personal data that they would like to hide from unauthorized persons.

This applies to both files on the computer and personal information published on the network.

You will need

  • - any data protection program with a password function.



If you need to deny access to yourComputer to other users, put the password to log on from your Windows user account. To do this, open the "Control Panel" and select "User Accounts".


Click on the image in theProfile, then the settings should appear on the screen. Select "Create a password", then follow the instructions in the menu to perform the required actions.


If you want some programs andNetwork connections were not available to other users of the personal computer, make the appropriate settings in each program and connection properties. You can also set these options when installing applications.


If you want to ban another userAccess to certain specific files on your computer, put a password on them using any data protection program. There are a lot of such programs, choose the one that will be most convenient for you to use.


If you want to restrict user access toYour page in the social network Facebook, select using the drop-down menu of the right button of the top panel "Privacy Settings". Alternately, click on the edit options opposite the security items of interest to you, change the access settings for your page.


If you want to restrict user access toYour page in the social network "Vkontakte", for this click on the toolbar on the left "My settings". Go to the "Privacy" tab, change the value of the access points to your page to the desired ones, apply the changes and refresh the page. Also set privacy for video recordings and photo albums by going to the appropriate section of the personal page and clicking the "Edit" button.

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